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This plugin aims to simulate real life reactions to the things you do to your model. It will be highly configurable and provide lots of features that could be used to drive your scene with. You need version or higher.

If you want this on every female use this:

This is not intended to run alongside with VAMMoan, thrusters, expression randomizers, gaze/glance systems or other bulgers for the belly. You can mix and match, but you have to decide which feature you want by disabling either one or the other.

FAQ regarding my parameters:
  • General:
    • Mean: Average value to expect
    • Delta: Defines the maximum difference between the actual value and the mean value (mean 100 and delta 20 will liead to values between 80 and 120)
    • Values closer to the mean are more likely than the extremes (normal distribution). In the following example mean would be 1150 and delta would be 450.

    • Distribution sharpness defines how spiky the the above curve is. High sharpness means the values are generally closer to the mean. Low values make the extremes more likely.
    • Distribution Onsided restricts the values to always be higher or lower than the mean, depending on the sign of the delta. Examples with Mean 100 and oneSided=true:
      • Delta = +20 => value is between 100 and 120
      • Delta = -20 => value is between 80 and 100 with 100 still being the most probable one.
  • Forces:
    • Amplitude: Maximum force that can build up during each cycle. Whether this is achieved depends on how quickly the force builds up (Quickness) and how much time it has to build up (Period)
    • Period: Timespan for each cycle
    • Period Ratio: Defines which ratio of the Period is considered forward and backwards (0.5 means equal).
    • Quickness: Defines how fast the force builds up in one direction or switches to the other.
    • To get harder thrusting increase the Ampliude and Quickness.
    • Lower Periods (faster) generally require a higher quickness to yield the same depth, as the force has less time to build up.

The following is heavily outdated, but here we go:
  1. "FillMeUp":
    Don't mind the UI mess. It's an old version.
    Looks like she's having fun with her 2.0 scale dildo
    Depth event trigger and speed transition trigger in action:
    1. Bulging: I know, this isn't exactly new, but my bulger is driven by the actual penetration depth and hence very smooth. It doesn't rely on any triggers. In fact, there are two different bulgers for the ass and the pussy, which are driven separately and accumulate if you have a dp happening. For the nerds: The morph values conform to a gauss curve that gets translated with the depth.
    2. In this first version the focus lies on the anus. There's a sophisticated algorithm to simulate reactions to anal sex. The core are the measurements and a dedicated morph to open/relax the ass.
      • Anus stretch goes up while a penetration is happening. The thicker the penetrating object is, the higher it goes. If the penetration ends, the stretch will decrease (more or less) rapidly.
      • Relaxation is increased through stimuli, alas penetration depth, stretch and speed. If it is high, the stretch will build up faster while penetrating and it will decrease a lot slower afterwards, leading to an optional gape if you configure it that way (including randomized twinking).
      • Because stretch also applies it's gape morph during penetration, the anal sex will go a lot smoother, allowing for much larger dick sizes. But to have a high stretch you have to "prepare" the model first through stimuli, increasing the relaxation. Just like in real life. If you did your job well, she'll swallow a 1.8 scale dildo balls deep without problems :)
      • Keep in mind: If you don't like gaping I'd recommend putting "Gape Scale" to around 0.2. This way you only get a slight reaction after anal sex and you can still benefit from all the adjustments made while penetrating!
  2. "TouchMe":

    Ambers Jack-O-experience (moans are off, old version)
    1. Full body slapping between the character and any object (sounds @ToumeiHitsuji, SlappStuff). But you can define which objects should not produce slaps on the character.
    2. Pronounced sex slaps
      • Works with person <-> person if the pelvis/glutes/labia/thigh areas collide and with person <-> dildo if the sack collides with the respective areas
      • Works only if the the colliding atom actually penetrates the person containing the plugin. Otherwise a regular slap is played.
    3. Reactions:
      • Subtile expressions powered by @ascorad and @AshAuryn! The morphs are repackaged to not permanently alter your expression if you already used their morphs.
        Short version of the mechanics behind this:
        The morphs are subdivided into joy and pain expressions. Each slap increases the "stimulation" depending how hard the hit was (stimulus). After that, the stimulation decreases rapidly with time. The stimulus of the hit is distributed among randomized morphs to change the expression.
        There is a threshold you can set which defines how sensitive you model is. If the total stimulation (sum of all recent hits) is greater than this threshold, following stimuli will be distributed among the pain morphs instead. So if you hit her hard multiple times in a row her mood may change...
      • Blinking: The model will occasionaly blink if you slap her. The harder you slap, the more likely she is to blink.
      • Moans: The model can also react with moans powered by @hazmhox's VAMMoan. The sound are not repackaged. I get them directly from the var. So this is a soft dependency. If you don't have VAMMoan, you'll not be able to enable moanings.
        The voice of the moans of this plugin should be always in sync with the voice you selected in VAMMoan, if it is present on the model. You can change the voice in either of two the plugin UI's.
        For now, the moans are selected from level 1, but I may change that depending how hard the hit was.
        Keep in mind that the moans can overlap if you have VAMMoan already running. If you have "Life"'s breathing running, my moans will most likely be overriden.
    4. Nipple stiffening
      • If you touch, rub or slap the nipples they get stimulated, leading to erection over time.
      • The effect bleeds to the other side to a configurable amount.
      • This also contributes to the general stimulation driving ReadMyLips.
  3. "ReadMyLips":
    • Orgasm at the end. Watch with sound!

      Idle (v12)

      The following are from an older version.
      Idle (while dick is in)

      Very slow pace

      A bit faster?

      Serious fuck

      Full throttle!

      Full throttle with lowered pain threshold ("riding on the edge")
      Short overview:
    • This drives expressions.
    • The main variable is the stimulation, which is increased by stimuli (slaps, sex slaps, penetrations, random bursts)
    • Based on these stimuli expressions are played and altered, VAMMoan sounds are played and an orgasm system is driven.
    • Expressions scale with stimulation
    • If the stimulation is above the pain threshold another set of expressions is used.
    • Orgasm system:
      • If the stimulation reaches 1 (default) the model orgasms. This means the following:
      • The orgasm lasts 30s
      • During the first 10s VAMMoan orgasm sounds are played
      • For the next 20s the stim regression increases drastically and the pain threshold is internally set to match the stim value => displease expression if you continue going hard. Give her some time to relax!
      • The orgasms are counted and with each of them the stim regression is increased internally, so that it gets procedurally harder to reach the next one.
      • The model can "recover" from an orgasm (count reduces by 1) after 120s (default) to regain sensitivity.
      • The whole system is meant to be very dynamic. Each pace of action will lead to a certain amount of stimulation, and it will only eventually lead to an orgasm. Time is rather irrelevant. It's not like "have sex => orgasm". You have to reach the pleasure level needed, and this gets increasingly harder with each orgasm reached. But as said above, she'll recover from these. So give her some time and you can eventually reach the next one with her! Have fun doing so ;)
      • Question: Would you like to be informed about the total orgasm count without the ones recovered from? Maybe with a "time needed" value too, to achieve some nice "high scores". Like a mini game, would be fun, huh? Tell me in the discussion or reviews!

Trigger system:
Every float measured by this plugin will have the following trigger functionality:
Screenshot 2023-08-30 050852.png

You can define event actions that are fired either when a set threshold is exceeded or undershot, like playing a "push back" animation if you enter too deep, or "pull closer" if you're just tipfucking ;)
Furthermore, you can set up transition triggers to drive things. But my custom one allows you to remap the input values.
Explanation: Native VAM triggers need an input value in the range from 0 to 1 to drive things. If the trigger input is 0, it will output the "Start" value you selected. If the input is 1 or above it will output the "End" value. E.g. drive a light intensity from 0.5 to 3. If the input is 0 the light will shine with 0.5 intesity, going all the way up to 3 while the trigger input goes from 0 to 1.
Now, if in the above example the depth is below 0.08, the input to the trigger will be 0 (light at 0.5). And if it's above 0.16 the trigger input will be 1 (light at 3). All the depth values in between are mapped to the range from 0 to 1, meaning a depth of 0.12 will lead to trigger input of 0.5 and a light intesity of 1.75.

Results of the DAP Competition:

Screenshot 2023-08-26 025300.png

Screenshot 2023-08-26 043353.png
Screenshot 2023-08-26 043010.png

Screenshot 2023-08-26 051514.png

Screenshot 2023-08-26 052349.png

We have our first submission to the contest: @grep provided some really nice pictures for you to enjoy! :D



The second place of the competition is now officially occupied by @yvngfap! I really like these pictures, she's taking like a real pro! Go check it out asap!

Wooow, @yvngfap is the MAN! TAP... I'm out of words.


And there's the 3rd place. The infamous @Damarmau himself submitted these nice examples!



Despite this competiton has come to an end, I'm still eager to see your results! Check out my discord, there's a dedicated DAP section too 😈:
Cheesy's Den

Credits: @Captain Varghoss for his belly bulger morphs

Future roadmap (the order may be subject to change)
  1. New module to this one: "SlapMe", cause my old version is broken now and i need it really bad, especially the sex slaps.
  2. ShakeIt/WorkOut will get an update with the same trigger functionality described above and the session plugin will be removed.
  3. Instead, there will be a separate resource for the session plugin to add and update all of my relevant plugins.
  4. Additions to FillMeUp: Throat bulging and eventually a swallowing animation on a randomized basis once something exits the mouth. In and out morphs for the anus based on speed.
  5. New module to this one: "TouchMe" with nipple stiffening and general trigger functionality if you touch any body region (OnEnter, OnStay, OnExit).
  6. "WatchMe" will keep track of what you're looking at. Your interest in the various body regions will be tracked and can be used to trigger things. Yes, big brother is watching you! Yeah you, so better hide your filthy needs! If you are one of those foot guys I'll know it in no time, haha ;)
  7. Arousal system based on all the inputs established: penetration, touching, slapping, watching. The goal is to let you define the personality of your character. Wheter she likes being slapped, or if she's an exbitionist and likes being watched and react accordingly.
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Wow! This keeps getting better and better. I just started using the gaze function and it's amazing. I used BodyLanguage in my last couple releases and I'll probably use it with most of my future ones. And I still haven't explored all of it's capabilities. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into this.
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