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This plugin is based on the original VoiceTrigger plugin written by Almadiel.
It utilises Unity's KeywordRecognizer which listens to speech input and compares the spoken keyword, or words, to a predefined list before triggering the associated event(s)."
This will satisfy the needs of most VAM users, but if you require a plugin that supports both KeywordRecognizer, and the more complex, GrammarRecognizer I would recommend the excellent SpeechRecognition plugin by MacGruber.

This plugin was designed specifically with the VR user in mind, but will work equally well in Desktop mode.
It can be attached to any atom, or used as a scene plugin.

Features of the plugin:
Optional logging of all plugin operations to VAM's message log. Useful when setting up voice triggers.
Display of both the active microphone, and a list of available microphones in the plugin's UI.
Please ensure that the microphone you intend to use with this plugin is set as the Windows default microphone.
This is vital, as the plugin will not work unless you do !
Trigger Add, Edit, and Rename functions in the plugin UI, with a Confirm or Cancel option for each.
User defined minimum Confidence Level settings of Low, Medium and High for command recognition.
For a command to be recognized, Confidence Level must be equal to, or above the set minimum level.
An optional Head Up Display (HUD) provides visual feedback of recognized commands. Useful when testing commands.
An optional HUD warning on loss of VAM window focus. Window focus is essential for the recognizer to work, and it's not obvious in VR when another application steals focus. A loss of focus warning will always be sent to the message log, regardless of HUD setting.

As in Almadiels original, The plugin repurposes the trigger action panels "Name" field, to enter and store the voice commands which trigger each event.
Defined triggers can have a single command, or multiple alternatives for the same command, any one of which will trigger the same event action, or multiple actions if more than one event is defined for the trigger.
A single event action can be defined for a trigger, or multiple event actions, not necessarily requiring a command word, can be added. So long as at least one event action has a command defined, the trigger will be active and listening.

Please note: The dependencies listed are all for the plugin demo scene. The plugin itself has none.

If you like this plugin, please come back and leave a 'Like' and maybe even leave a review to help others in the community.
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Latest updates

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    Fixes the issue of the plugin always loading in the active state even if the scene was...
  2. VoiceControl v1.3

    Update to fix plugin disable/enable checkbox not working.
  3. VoiceControl v1.2

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Latest reviews

A must have plugin. Thank you so much for releasing it to the public! This adds so much more immersion to the scene. I have been playing with it with great result! The possibilities are really endless. One minor issues and it just may be on my end. When I take off my headset then put it back on, the plugin stops responding to commands. I need to restart VAM to get the plugin to work again.
This is so incredibly useful. Really really nice. Adds so much immersion. Only thing needed, is the possiblity to "enable" and "disable" certain triggers and being able to control it from outside the plugin. (Much like statemachine states can be controlled in the LogicBricks plugin). I made a post in the discussion section. But still, this plugin is just amazing.
Amazing!! this is so much fun and very useful, I want to set it up in all my scenes! Thank you for sharing
Your welcome. Thanks for the review.
Pretty sure people are going to go wild with this plugin. It frees one from having to use the cumbersome UI which breaks immersion. Instead you can just say things!

This is really easy to set up and use if you have a basic understanding of triggers. Its a UI breakthrough in my opinion. Once its set up all you have to do is say the words.... its that simple. On my first attempt to set up a trigger 'change your outfit" and BOOM the preset loaded. It is very easy to use. Very easy. Pose presets are going to be fun.

Feedback: The scene did not work out of the box for me. I don't know if this was to do with the permissions for new script, but when I re-opened the scene it worked smooth as. I got a little hypnotized in there, not sure how long, just thinking of all the new possibilities this plugin allows... when i came to, the voice recognition had timed out or something and I had to reload to get it working again.

Question: Does it work on other atoms too? I guess I am about to find out :)
VeeRifter Thanks for the positive review !
Don't understand why you had to reload it. Perhaps the window lost focus. I've found that window focus detection is not 100% accurate, but left clicking somewhere outside the VAM window then again inside it always brings it back for me.
And yes, the plugin can be attached to any atom, or used as a scene plugin.
Great plugin, I've been waiting for something like this for a long time. Finally an end to the many UI triggers that destroy the entire ambience of the scenes in the crowd. Many Thanks!
Sry for my English
Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Much appreciated.
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