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VAMcam A plugin for VAM created by VeeRifter


This is a plugin to display the output from a PC's webcam on a screen created inside VAM.
Also supports virtual webcam applications such as FineCam, AlterCam, WeCam, VCam, and ManyCam.

1. Add this plugin to an 'Empty' atom.
2. Open the plugin's UI, select your webcam device and set the required camera resolution parameters from the drop down menus.
3. Press the 'Start' button to open the webcam screen.
4. The screen can then be resized using the slider, or flipped vertically and horizontally by toggling the checkboxes.

Please Note : The requested resolution parameters may not exactly match the resolution that is actually displayed by the webcam. This is totally dependant on the characteristics of your own particular hardware. The actual resolution provided by your device will be displayed in the plugin UI's upper right pane when it is activated.

All parameters, including whether the camera is active or not, will be saved with any scene using the plugin and be restored on scene load. So set it up, save your scene, and the active webcam will be displayed whenever you reload it.

Don't ever be caught unawares doing VAM stuff in VR !
Keep an eye on the world outside your headset with this plugin.

Point the webcam to a location in your room, and in VAM, resize and relocate the screen accordingly and use this as a backdrop to your scene.

Place a USB connected webcam on top of your VR headset then parent the Empty atom the plugin is using onto [CameraRig]/CentreEye for pseudo Pass-Through and Augmented Reality effects.

Please Remember: 'Likes' are the only recognition that we free plugin creaters get.
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It took many hours of my time to develop this plugin and it will only take one second of yours to click a button in appreciation of that.
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This is exactly the plugin I was trying (and failing) to create myself. It's amazing to see this working in VaM! Thank you so much.
Thanks for the positive review, I'm glad you like it. Interested to learn how you intend to use it !
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