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How to Play

  • Download and Install the var file
  • Two possibilities:
    • Load "Midnight Moves Desktop Version" if you're on PC without VR.
    • Load "Midnight Moves VR Version" if you're on PC and have VR.

About Midnight Moves

The project comes from a silly discussion between @Juno and I about a very short mocap @VamTimbo did a long time ago on discord with a simple hip motion on a beat.

The scene is a very minimalistic dance (but still very efficient and sexy) performed by @VamTimbo .
Caprice, the character, comes from the mind of @Juno. Clothes, textures and modeling.
And the scene scripting, camera scripting, VFX, plugins are made by yours truly.

The overall idea, design, concept and direction comes obviously from a collaboration between the three of us.

Midnight Moves is before anything else, a scene thought for a complex camera choreography that should be watched on desktop. But we're not animals and thought about people who would want to be upclose to Caprice and be part of the show... so two different versions are available.


We want to take the time to credit everyone involved indirectly... because all of this is possible because of invaluable members of the community. So here we go ( in no particular order besides reading the meta file from top to bottom ;) ) :

The Midnight
Of course first and foremost, The Midnight for We Move Forward, the track used for the scene. The Midnight is a synthwave band. After seeing an interview where the band members said they wanted their music to be shared, we thought we could use it as a support for a cool scene.

@Acid Bubbles
VaM wouldn't be the same without you buddy. If you don't know his work, you should definitely check it out.

Making characters come alive and more! Try Body Language and Shake It if you haven't!

I mean... do we really need to present the master of bouncy stuffs? He also does things that do not bounce but are still very cool.

Nails, morphs, hairs... what can you NOT DO bruh!

Probably one of the best eye reflection out there, but you need to check out their other utilities... awesome stuffs!

I love my Jack of all trades. Characters, morphs, textures... you should already have everything he does!

A fabulous shoes manufacturer! check it out.

Awesome hairs, stupidly cool looks, very nice remakes... there are a lot of things to discover on their resources.

No words exists in any language to describe how much I love VL_13's work. And a lot of them are free!

I'm still wondering if ddaamm is running with cissors all day long (get it? get it?). Most beautiful and varied hairs on the hub if you ask me!

Ash ash ash... I can only say 🫶 forever. If you're out of inspiration for your expressions, Ash can help you with that.

Insane looks and wonderful textures... and also very talented virtual photographer and lighting artist!

Creative and very cool plugins! Thank you for the new and very powerful BeatIt!

A plugin creator bringing useful tools to improve VaM UX and also visual improvements.

Some people need to only release one plugin to change the game. You should really check out Moyashi's post processing.

My dear WeebU is a gold mine of knowledge when it comes to VaM. If you're new to VaM or you don't know his work, definitely check it out... it's a model when it comes to quality, detail and polish.

Extra special thanks

A very huge and special thank you to our friends and beta testers for the scene, ensuring you all have a smooth and bug free experience: @Spacedog @VaMDeV @C&G-STUDIO

If I forgot anyone, feel free to slap me on Discord, I'll correct that mistake.
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Resource team

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Acid Bubbles Acid Bubbles
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Latest reviews

Holy shit man, what a nicely done scene! This is overall my favourite dance scene on the hub so far!
Upvote 0
Sounds good
Upvote 0
This has to be the best team in history. Just wonderful work❤️
Upvote 0
Wow! Just finished the scene, and all of the work you guys put into this, really paid off! the music, scene setup, stage, model, everything shines! I wish I had this much talent! 100 stars!
Upvote 0
Beautiful scene, lovely dance, and music from my favorite band, outstanding, thank you for sharing this great piece of art.
Upvote 0
This was so amazingly well done! A beautiful example of what can be done in VAM. Incredible work!!!! From the model, to the hair and outfit, to the lighting, to the effects, to the music choice, and the camera movement and dancing, just perfect. Thanks for sharing this.
Upvote 0
Woderfully inspiring effects and a chilling-dreamy beat paired up with delightful moves. What could go wrong? Exactly - nothing. You definitely need to have this pearl in your library and dive into it whenever you feel like wanting to have a short "break" and let your thoughts drift away. <3 Thank you Haz, Juno & Timbo!
Upvote 0
Holy Moly! Stunning work by all involved! Great teamwork!
Upvote 0
Great work. it would be even more awesome if there would be an easy way to leave the camride in vr.
Thank you for the review!

Just so you know (as mentionned when you write a review) reviews are made for reviews, not reports/questions (use the discussion! creators answer there!).
Simply open the menu while in camride, embody should stop the possession as usual : )
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I absolutely loved this scene just oozes quality. You guys are the best!!!!
Thank you!
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