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  1. 【MMD】 '怪物' / yoasobi【VaM】

    【MMD】 '怪物' / yoasobi【VaM】

    Song : 'YOASOBI「怪物」Official Music Video' Ayase【sm38110800】Choreography : 【UK】怪物/YOASOBI を踊ってみた【オリジナル振付】 UK 【sm38296439】Motion : 【MMDツイステ】怪物【モーション配布】 キリカ 【sm3...
  2. 【MMD】 ガーネットの涙 【VaM】

    【MMD】 ガーネットの涙 【VaM】

    Song : ガーネットの涙 / 香椎モイミ feat. KAITO 香椎モイミ【sm40051075】Motion : 【オリキャラMMD】ガーネットの涙【歌唱モーション配布】 おナス【sm43525180】Editing Software : Davinci Resolve※敬称略Thanks to vam ...
  3. New car ad? [mmd]

    New car ad? [mmd]

    MUSIC: T-ara (티아라) - Bunny Style! (バニスタ!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A256z6IEO2Y Credits : Farger, MacGruber, MonsterShinkai, Jackaroo, maru01, Sally Whitemane, Yep, VamXFan, Meshed VR, zhfx......
  4. Let's dance on the beach [mmd]

    Let's dance on the beach [mmd]

    MUSIC: Apink CHOBOM(Apink 초봄(에이핑크 초봄))https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wi9Ys1cWV5c scene background: monstershinkai creator thank you https://www.youtube.com/@monstershinkaimmd4849 Credits : Ddaamm, MacGruber, MonsterShinkai, vvvevevvv, dlskd9, zhfx......
  5. 【MMD】 Sweet Devil Live Ver 【VaM】

    【MMD】 Sweet Devil Live Ver 【VaM】

    Song : 【初音ミク】Sweet Devil【オリジナル】 八王子P 【sm9711503】Motion : 【MMD】Sweet Devil Live ver --- TDA式ミク モーション修正[配布あり] GCMH 【sm35273927】Editing Software : Davinci Resol...
  6. Beach MMD Stage

    Paid Scenes Beach MMD Stage 1.0

    I made a simple beach stage mainly for MMD play. Of course, this environment can be used for anything you wish. Give your favorite girl a bikini and watch her dance. 😄 (MMD player plugin and MMD data not included)


    Song : '【Robo feat. 初音ミク】 CALL ME CALL ME【オリジナル曲】' ロボ·音楽【sm27903133】Motion : '【MMD】CALL ME CALL ME 【モーション配布】' stron 【sm32166670】Choreography : 【まなこ×やっこ】CALL ...
  8. Space station? Dance anywhere~

    Space station? Dance anywhere~

    music: NewJeans (뉴진스) 'OMG'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZAgIHmHLdc scene background: Farger https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/punny-particles.36190/ motorcycle: CosmicFTW clothes: maru01,Qing,Jackaroo,VL_13,lynyrd2473,TGC
  9. 【MMD】'Like A Cat' / AOA【VaM】

    【MMD】'Like A Cat' / AOA【VaM】

    Song : 'Like a Cat' - AOA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtM9t7MwdEAMotion : 「[MMD|Original] AOA - 사뿐사뿐(Like a Cat) [Collaboration]」 - Sewelina Bloodroyal h...
  10. I dance in the forest too

    I dance in the forest too

    MUSIC: ITZY(있지) “CAKE”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bIRwBpBcZQ forest: https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/fargers-forest-friends.45603/
  11. 【MMD】 Wishing 【VaM】

    【MMD】 Wishing 【VaM】

    Song : 可愛めぐ user/35566531 lv286934793Motion : 【MMD】可愛めぐ 『wishing』 つみ式ミク【Re:ゼロ挿入歌】 (モーション配布) 玲音@れいん 【sm31760312】Editing Software : Davinci Resolve※敬称略Thanks t...
  12. 【MMD】 右肩の蝶 / のりP 【VaM】

    【MMD】 右肩の蝶 / のりP 【VaM】

    「右肩の蝶」は、ボーカロイド音楽の中で人気のある曲で、この曲は、2010年7月1日に鏡音リンバージョンが最初にオリジナルとして歌われ、その後2010年8月3日に鏡音レンバージョンもカバーされました。どちらもニコニコ動画でミリオン再生を達成し、ボカロの代表曲となりましたSong : 鏡音リンオリジナル曲 「右肩の蝶...
  13. You make me

    Paid Scenes You make me 6

    /////UPDATE#2: -Added VAM LAUNCH scripting! What's happening on screen will now sync with your favorite toy (tested with The Handy) Plugins - VAMLaunch repack | Virt-A-Mate Hub (virtamate.com) is required; -Removed Clothing preset loading at the beginning as requested (you will now be able to...
  14. You make me (Standing Lap) - WIP

    You make me (Standing Lap) - WIP

    Little sequence from the upcoming lapdance I'm making
  15. You make me (Standing Lap) - WIP

    You make me (Standing Lap) - WIP

    Little sequence from the upcoming lapdance I'm making
  16. You make me (Standing Lap) - WIP

    You make me (Standing Lap) - WIP

    Little sequence from the upcoming lapdance I'm making
  17. 【MMD】 I Like Chopin (雨音はショパンの調べ) 【VaM】

    【MMD】 I Like Chopin (雨音はショパンの調べ) 【VaM】

    The song " 雨音はショパンの調べ" was sung by the Italian male singer Gazebo in 1983, and is the title of the Japanese cover version.This song is a Japanese cover of th...
  18. 【MMD】Killing Me Softly With His Song 【VaM】

    【MMD】Killing Me Softly With His Song 【VaM】

    Killing Me Softly With His Song" is a 1971 popular song written by Norman Gimbel and composed by Charles Fox. The original was sung by singer Lori Lieberman....
  19. Basma 4k - by KP +high quality dance scene

    Paid Looks Basma 4k - by KP +high quality dance scene 1

    4k Promo: you get for your tip: a verry high detailed : Model (my first private one at vam hub) scene 4k Textures Belly-Dance used/big thx to: meshedVR, for the greatest app in the world! (and the clothings) :P Acidbubbles timeline for dance build,edit,smoothing to vam inbuild animation...


    Music : SeñoritaMotion : KimagureCamera : Kimagure
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