Clothing G-Pumps 2.0

G-Pumps are a set of modular shoes built from scratch in Blender.
They are split into a number of parts allowing you to mix and match designs.

v2.0 includes optional Extreme & Insane heels as CUA's
(See the updates tab for instructions on how to use them if you're unfamiliar with CUA Manager/HeelAdjust)

Note: Morphs that affect feet will distort shoes!

Included are a number of individual texture presets and clothing presets.



A shoe is a made up of
1 - Heel (either standard or high)
2 - Platform (as above)
3 - Upper, (peep toe, closed toe or boot)


Additional Leg Wraps or Foot/Ankle straps can also be added.
Peep Toes include an alpha'd 'toe cap' for additional customisation options.
Both Peep and Close Toe uppers will fit over the Boot.

It is highly recommended that you use Prestigitis HeelAdjust plugin.

HeelAdjust is very easy to use, however if you are not familiar, here are instructions on how to apply it using presets included in this var.


Prestigitis - for the awesome HeelAdjust plugin. Thank you for adding it to the hub :)
YameteOuji - For the super tutorial that cracks the heel import issue for open toes!
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best Heels on Hub!
These are very cool!!
I finally dug into this plus HeelAdjust and....it's amazing. Thank you!
This is awesome. Thank you
Awesome.It would be nice if where is Stilettos style
AWESOME job. I'm always impressed when people pull of really high quality high heels like this. Thank you so much especially for the variety/style choices. I would LOVE to see some other options too like stiletto pump styles/pointy toe non-platform heels as well. Something else I would LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to see but haven't seen pulled off/achieved yet is creating that plastic see-through/transparent platform stripper heel look which I love the look of as well. Thank you MrGiggly
Awesome work MrGiggly .
These are super awesome! Absolutely love them and they work so well with the HeelAdjust plugin.
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