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G-Strips (Female & Futa)

Clothing G-Strips (Female & Futa)

G-Strips are a set of modular shoes built from scratch in Blender.
They are split into parts and have multiple material slots, allowing you to mix and match designs.

For now, 2 sets of heels and one upper is included in the pack. Additional uppers may follow :)

Note: Morphs that affect feet will distort shoes!
They can be scaled using VAM's built in 'Foot Petite' morph


Included are a number of clothing presets.

It is highly recommended that you use CheesyFX's HeelAdjust plugin.

Transparent heels use CUA's
If you wish to use these it's highly recommended that you also use Blazedust's:
CUA Manager
ParentHold Link

Included in the VAR is a zip file containing Heel Adjust and CUA presets.
Open the var (eg via 7Zip) and unzip the zip file to your VAM main directory.

CheesyFX: HeelAdjust plugin
Blazedust: CUA Manager & ParentHold Link
Stopper: Clothing re-wrapper plugin
Total Size
62.91 MB
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 13 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. New uppers added for Female & Futa

    Reworked my old 'Adore' boots to take advantage of the new heels and heel adjust. They will show...
  2. Female low heel distortion correction & CUA preset fix

    Corrected an issue with low heels (female) distorting with only minor foot morph changes that...
  3. Futa added

    Added Futa clothing versions. Textures can be found in the female folder to save space.

Latest reviews

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I absolutely love these heels 👠😍 and thank you so much for creating a Futa/male version too 🙏
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I already loved these shoes on the first release. They're the best standalone pair of shoes that don't HAVE to rely on CUA's to load in to work. They look great, and because you can just use the clothing option (while there is also the Transparent CUA option) it affords you ease of use for editing the textures and colors by changing out the Texture maps. But NOW with the Adore boots addition, these take the cake for best pair of shoes in VAM. Thank you for your work and I'm glad you found that motivation you mentioned on Discord!!
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About time someone figured these things out. Bravo.
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Best heels!
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OMG finally, These are amazing you are a genius getting this working. Any chance for expanding the varienty shoe portions?
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Love the latest update.Thanks for making it more versatile, best heels on the site.
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What was already great, just became even better..thank you!! =)
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Great work as always!
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Yes! These look great. More heels is always welcome. Good work!
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