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Updates and information regarding the development of VaM2

Official VaM2 Updates

The Alpha2 release is only available through Meshed's Patreon

Important VAM2 Information Most important information without having to dig through the giant VAM2 Discord document.

VaM2 Alpha3 Discord Channel FAQ The Current FAQ from April 2023 to present. WIP, lots to go through.

VaM2 Alpha2 Discord Channel FAQ The Current FAQ following the the release of Alpha 2, up to April 2023 in Discord chat.

VaM2 Alpha1 Discord Channel FAQ The current 2X discord FAQ following the release of Alpha 1. Completed upon release of Alpha 2 on June 12th 2022.

VaM2 Discord Channel FAQ. This is a compilation of the Questions and Answers between Meshed and the Community regarding 2X development. Completed upon release of Alpha 1 on December 11th 2021.

VaM2 Progress Update VaMHub Forum post created May 29th 2021
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