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As always great scene
very nice thanks!
With timestop:
-something where a female office worker is doing tasks in an office (copying things) moving papers from table to table
-You can stop the time with a button and feel her up, remove clothing or use dildos

Alternative scenario could be a store clerk organizing things in a clothing store moving between aisles, asking questions and you can again stop the time or feel her up.

Like the beginning on this scene but without stopping the scene when you touch her:

Thanks in advance
Incredible keep em coming!
great job i hope you
too many dependencies
It's cute!
Thank you!
So much better than the default nails! Thanks!
Another stunning model! Thank you!
So cute! Thank you!
This is one of those essential plugins that is a must have, in every scene. Thanks, hazmhox, for this amazing plugin! <3
not only you give your animations for free, but, per extension, you give us some hope too about future vam patreonized creativity, specially after the last "historical" step, really sad, overdosed with lot of stuffed elements, but perhaps not so valid from technical and x-fun disap_point of view . [will be probably censored] :-)
An absolute requirement for anyone using VAM!
A vital creator for the community, thank you!
Always love those voice plugins which adds much immersion especially with the new amazing occlusion function.
Really liking this series!
Thanks! I'm glad you like it. And thanks for the feedback!
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