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Effectively fills a niche and impressive gap in *non-VR* accessibility. The added ability to control the sensitivity of translation or rotation would make this even better. Currently the leap motion doesn't seem to perform well with more extreme angled hand orientations or if you stray a little too far from the leap sensor. This could further simulate a greater range of motion.

(For example: if my hand moves an inch, the displayed leap hand moves 4 inches instead of 1; if my hand rotates 10 degrees, the displayed leap hand rotates 26 degrees instead of 10; Translation x4, Rotation x2.6)
Acid Bubbles
Acid Bubbles
Thanks, and yeah there was quite a few things I wanted to improve, such as the strength of the hands so hand contact is less... aggressive! I plan on coming back to this plugin and make a few improvements after Timeline 5 :D
This was a hot one. love the poses..
Thanks bud! appreciate the feedback! keep your eyes peeled for my next release, wont be far off now :)
Awesome as always. Love your work :)
Thanks! I appreciate it 🤗
That's the first time I see a Koikatsu model morph for VAM. Great stuff man. Can you do Artoria (Lancer) next?
NIce pack.
Thanks for your kind words.
Ovulating right now.
Hot Dam Bro.... See you are the master. Your sub scenes ROCK. I love your creations they are amazing..
Do you have any plans to add male ver for futa?
love this scene, very sexy! Thank you
Glad you like it! =) Thanks for sharing your work with it too!
I'm a big fan of the scenes you made ^o^
혹시 한국분이신가요?? 진짜 매번 훌륭한 케릭터들입니다
받은 케릭터들은 케릭터대로 놔두고 따로 제가 조절하는 재미로 또다른 케릭터를만들고 하는 그 재미가 있어요 동양인 케릭터 만들기가 참 힘들었는데 덕분에 소스가 엄청 많아졌어요 피부 텍스쳐도 고퀄리티구요 ㅎㅎ 감사합니다^_^
Your material makes my character stand out.
Your works are truly the best gift for me.
Another great style.
really impressive work, probably the best scene available
Beautiful screenshot
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