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I didn't load it up but damn! That's some fucking awesome bus right there, thank you! :D
I don't understand why there is no rating, he should be seven stars in my eyes
Supernice the world needs more 90s german singers. Or german singers in general. Maybe the satelite singer next? Or the redhaired rapper?
Thank you for this. Indeed very needed and useful. Looking forward to the rest!
Spectacular likeness
Didn't even know we could make eye-textures.

Thanks for sharing.
Love your super hight quality stuff
Oh yeah<3
wow! that's amazing! love it!
Much needed stuff <3 Hope it'll be updated from time to time.
It will be updated for new items I start to use but the rate is quite low as those don't come often. Or it could be I find new ideas to add here too. get everyones blood pumping and going to our "members" and then you suck all the members dry haha (wait what !?) ;-O
thank you !!The look demeanor and posture are great.
Great work! though i had to manually install the LOOK which was odd.
I had some joint issues but love what youre trying to do (as always) and know it will only get better! (right! lol)
YUMMY YUMMY ive got love in my tummy! lol thanks for sharing
Amazing as always !
This model is just drool worthy..never ceases to amaze me the talent you have! Great work man!
Stunning look! Well done budd!
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