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Latest reviews

This was amazing, nice job Reign!
Nice socks, are you planning on sharing the look aswell?
Excellent! Extremely well done on all four
This is so good, thanks for the upload ^_^!
Another great mocap from Reign.
The use of Ren's Clara was perfect for the role!
Just to look into those bloody eyes while listening to that lovely accent. Creepy, yet sensual!
I love being encouraged to do 'things' in scenes like this. I don't need much persuasion! ;)
Thank you!
Thank youuuuuuuuuu! :D
I've been using this for a custom scene and it has made things so much easier for me. Just amazing. TY!
Now this is some amazing Halloween content! Love that accent too. Like always top tier mocap and thank you.
Thanks :)
one of my favs, nice work on the sword texture.
Awesome! Thank you so much for the female version.
Both sexy and intimidating. She chose the right upgrades as far I'm concerned. Outstanding job by WeebU.
you make great stuff. i like your p0rn models. thanks
Glad you like my stuff, thanks :)
WOW That's amazing!
You deserve 5 stars only for the funniest description I've ever read on the hub.
happy with the female. thanks Weeb
Is there a reason why I can't find her in the program? I go to morph presets and load her, but it just changes whoever was already loaded before slightly, no actual skin color/hair/etc changes...
From the appearances preset tab on the model click on load existing, then browse to the Tais var in far left menu, and then load the appearance preset. See this image for an example (also posted in overview):
Ren's textures are legendary.
There's no exception here, just wonderful, highly detailed skin. There's the usual fantastic makeup options and eye liner too.
Lovely character morph too.
I use his textures on most of my models now, they're that good!
Thank you!
"Please, do it faster, we are your little sluts"

I could just leave that line there, it'd be enough to tell you how funny and incredibly erotic this scene is. But I need to say more because this scene is pure GOLD!
I've experienced alot of good stuff in VAM, but this is probably my favourite so far. It just ticks all the boxes for me.
The concept and dialogue in this scene are top notch, it has the perfect mix of comical and erotic lines.
The animation is incredible. The main girl is encouraging you to have your way with the second girl, but it's not only done with visual cues. Reign's mocap model does such sexy work here as her dialogue really gets you in the mood to take advantage of the girl! Some of her lines are such a turn on! And the animation of the interactivity between the girls is great. The way the first girl handles the other, and puts her into postion for you! Whoah, loved it!
Then they're both at your mercy now. You're invited to take them both on, from behind, as they're slightly bent over and placed side by side. I particulary loved this part because I could bang away at one girl while touching the other!
The time made available to us at this point must be mentioned and praised, you're given enough time in the animation to do what you need to do. I could go from one girl to the other, do what any self respecting President would do. Take advantage of your status and power!

Major thanks to Reign and his wonderful model again. :)
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