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Decal Maker

Plugins Decal Maker RC: 9

I recommend you always delete or disable old VAR versions of Decal Maker when updating.

Saving the final blended texture is intentionally disabled. Only a single Decal Layer at a time can be saved out via the Move UI. Unless approved by MeshVR I will not allow saving the final blended decal layer. The issues from reusing and sharing others work is a can of worms I do not want to deal with.

See End of post for a tutorial overview of the UI/buttons

Ever wanted to have a tan line and tattoos at the same time? Tired of opening Photoshop to merge textures for use in VAM. Well here is the plugin for you.

Decal Maker allows you to merge multiple textures into one texture that is applied in game. It works on Decals, Specular, Gloss and Normal textures.

What Decal Maker does:
  • Blends multiple layers into a combined image that VAM can use.
  • Individual Color and Alpha's for each layer.
  • Move, Rotate and Scale Decal textures.
  • Script via triggers to change the above settings
  • Save Presets that can be loaded on other figures and stack together.
Things to use it for:
  • Blend multiple skin textures to add detail and provide variety.
  • Add multiple Tanlines
  • Add Tattoos.
  • Blend between textures smoothly with Timeline

Use of triggers in Beta 11 have much less of an overall FPS impact. Still be aware that it will impact FPS somewhat.

A stellar example of using Variable Triggers to smoothly transition between characters using Decal Maker and Timeline by DreamDealer

RC4: Built in Texture Editing

tattoo test.jpg

Texture scripting via trigger

Prefab system, this is for Creators who want to have similar "decals" in a package.
For example a variety of Eye shadows or lipsticks to be displayed and selected in an organized manner.
Prefabs are presets named with a specific format CREATOR_Type of Item_Item Name and then saved into the Prefabs folder inside the presets folder.
To Use Prefabs click the prefab button and Select from the list of "Items Types" then select the specific item.
Prefabs are applied and removed automatically and will bake seamlessly with normal presets or manual Decal Panels.

Decal panels can now be Re-Ordered, via the arrows on each panel
New Panels can be opened via the plus icon
Panel can be removed with the X icon

Normal, specular and gloss texture support.

UI Tutorial Video clip and Images

tutorial 1.jpgtutorial 2.jpgtutorial 3.jpgtutorial 4.jpgtutorial 5.jpg
  • Decal Maker Trigger Example2.mp4
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  • tattoo test.jpg
    tattoo test.jpg
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First release
Last update
4.80 star(s) 40 ratings

More resources from Chokaphi

Latest updates

  1. RC 9 Appearances are Deceiving

    Fix: Loading a Appearances Preset will no longer cause position, scale, rotation, color, and...
  2. RC 8: Link to the Past (presets)

    Minor bug fixes. Fix: Normal Map slider not affecting image. Shader value _BumpMapScale has...
  3. RC 7: You Spin Me Round

    Small patch for UI click issue in VR mode. Fix: Confirm UI for loading with Appearance is...

Latest reviews

A highly useful plug in that is the core of scenes I am currently making
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Just Wow. Tried this for the first time and holy moly I feel like a tattoo artist. Actually works in VR if you've got steady hands. Moving the image around is done by looking - which is actually kind of natural. Just have to figure out how to apply the results without the plug-in.
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Amazing plugin! memory optimizations really appreciated.

Can I suggest to add a new export button? instead of just exporting every single layer, could be great to export the visible result of the combined layers into a single png texture.
I know I can save and load presets now, but when you combine too many high res textures the system runs out of VRAM.

This way we could easily export a mix of a large number of high res decals into a single texture without using a external program. Then clear all, load the single result texture and keep adding more without worrying about performance, or just use in game mode.
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Merging textures did not work.

Rotating textures is problematic because it only rotates one direction

Positioning textures in VR is impossible (example eye makeup). Need to to micro move textures instead of using the VR headset as the targeting system. Probably ok for tattoos which are not precise locations.
Merging is in Game only, and works as intended. The rotation issue is a simple slider fix and will be in the next patch. Editing is not VR compatible at all, and doubt it will ever be due to the precision needed.
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May I suggest that you add a feature that allow export the decals as clothing items(like without sim)? So we can find the exported decal clothings in the clothing tab, and this is especially useful for making eye glowing effects in a much easier way with the help of another great plugin called EmissiveClothing. I think you and Blazedust (author of EmissiveClothing pluin) might as well work together to make any body parts glowing!
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The addition of moving the decals is the absolute best. Finally I can build tattoo Profiles of a bunch of pieces or patchwork pieces and build a proper composite tattoo from within VAM. No more overlapping! And the export for the copy of the edit makes it super easy to separate things with an editing tool
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I can do countless really complex looks thanks to this.
Genious plugin.
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Another essential tool for every VaM creator.

Great job!
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You've done what I've been waiting for for so long!! This is amazing!!
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So many great VAM plugins, but this one's my #1 favorite. Thank you Chokaphi, excellent work!
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