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Decal Maker

Plugins Decal Maker 2020-09-26

I recommend you always delete or disable old VAR versions of Decal Maker when updating.

Ever wanted to have a tan line and tattoos at the same time? Tired of opening Photoshop to merge textures for use in VAM. Well here is the plugin for you.
Decal Maker allows you to merge multiple textures into one texture that is applied in game.
Each texture has individual Alpha and Color controls.

Save a preset of your desired textures to load later.
Presets stack, so load multiple presets to create a new look.

Prefab system, this is for Creators who want to have similar "decals" in a package.
For example a variety of Eye shadows or lipsticks to be displayed and selected in an organized manner.
Prefabs are presets named with a specific format CREATOR_Type of Item_Item Name and then saved into the Prefabs folder inside the presets folder.
To Use Prefabs click the prefab button and Select from the list of "Items Types" then select the specific item.
Prefabs are applied and removed automatically and will bake seamlessly with normal presets or manual Decal Panels.

Decal panels can now be Re-Ordered, via the arrows on each panel
New Panels can be opened via the plus icon
Panel can be removed with the X icon

Normal, specular and gloss texture support.
First release
Last update
4.20 star(s) 5 ratings

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Latest reviews

Seems like it is broken after the update. I get a custom shader not found error?
This is so great!
Works great!
Only problem that I have is that the decals don't load if i reload a scene.
Only if it could make a emmision/glow tatto too.
This is one of the essential plugins and I'm using it in all my scenes now. Alpha 8 has fixed the loading bug and many small improvements.
I you ever wanted more than one decal for face, body or torso, this is for you. You can even set the transparency for each decal texture.
And it doesn't stop with decals. Gloss and specular texture channels are allso supported.
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