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Fix: Loading a Appearance with a save Decal Maker settings will not auto apply. The UI properly works again.

Fix: Minor memory leak of discarded textures.

NOTE: Since Decal Maker now properly uses the built in Normal Maps a character has, they will need to be removed if you duplicated the skin normal Maps in decal Maker. Otherwise you will end up doubling up the effect.
Changed: Normal maps use RNM blending instead of the built in Unity blend.

Fixed: many bugs with the NormalMap Render and NormalMap UI display system.
  • Displayed UI normals are no longer replaced by the merged output.
  • Merged output no longer sneaks in as the stock layer.
  • Stock normals have a proper value set to 1 by the renderer"
  • Fix: Loading a Appearances Preset will no longer cause position, scale, rotation, color, and alpha to reset.

The JsonStorables needed to have the isRestorable flag disabled to prevent the storable system bypassing DecalMakers JSON handling.
Minor bug fixes.

  • Fix: Normal Map slider not affecting image. Shader value _BumpMapScale has been renamed to _BumpMapBlend
  • Fix: Older presets/saves were not loading with a default LinkID. Blank Link id were treated as linked so value changes affected all panels.
  • Fix: Normal and Spec/Gloss sliders are linkable
Small patch for UI click issue in VR mode.
  • Fix: Confirm UI for loading with Appearance is clickable in VR. Registered Canvas with Atom.
  • Fix: Rotation in Edit mode is now +-360 Degrees
Reduced memory footprint further. I would love to see comparisons from older Decal Maker versions vs RC6 to see if the improvements are universal.

Improved Rendering when editing textures.

WIP: Added a new Genital building UI. Males still need proper templates made, they are far more troublesome, but still hope to later swap bits in.
Normal/spec/gloss still WIP

  • Fix: Decals disappearing when adding 20+ decal layers.
  • Fix: Flickering when updating Decal with 10+ layers.
  • Fix: Bug with Normal Maps. Set to the same strength, A single normal applied via DM should now match what the it would look like if applied via VAM's UI.
  • Add: Enable Specular/Gloss slider adjustments. 0 value = hide.
  • Add: Genital Builder UI. This UI will let you build and export

A big thanks to MonsterShinkai for the texture used in the Genital Builder.
Provided with the following: License is CC BY: can distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon work, even commercially. Must credit creator.

Memory optimization: Should use 2-3 less GB on startup. Loading textures will also consume less ram.

Fix: Change the appearance load UI anchor so we do not interfere with Tittymagics UI load check.

Texture Adjustment Panel:
  • Fix: Mouse and texture movement will sync regardless of scale
  • Fix: UI should sync with Decal changes in main UI Add/remove/order
  • Fix: Alpha clip for nipples/genitals is suppressed when Exporting a texture.
  • Fix: Texture should be movable across the screen at small scale values. Removed Translation constraints.
Added: Move, scale, and Export decals.
To Use:
  • Add decals like usual.
  • Use the Edit textures button in the top UI.
  • Use sliders to select the region and then the Decal to edit.
  • Drag texture to reposition.
  • Drag small cyan button to reposition the rotation pivot point.
Saving is limited to the single decal at a time. The blended texture is not savable.
Bugs: There are still issues with rotation and scaling when the center point is not default

Fixes : chokpahi-decal.assetbundle not found\nAsset bundle was not using a VAR package aware filepath! So was not found when insiade a VAR

RC 3 : Is Triggers are wonderful things

  • Added: JSONStorableUrl ("Load Preset File") that allows directly loading of a preset *json
    Just pass in the URL path and it will be loaded and applied.

  • Added: JSONStorableUrl (“Add new *”) that allows triggers to create new panels. Pass in a image URL to have a new panel (Decal, Spec, Gloss, Norm) made.

  • Added:Experimental Support for loading and saving Decal Maker presets with the built in VAM Appearance preset. When a detected Appearance preset is loaded the user will be prompted to load the decal maker settings.
    Options are : Add, Replace, or cancel

  • Fixed: Eye settings will be saved.

    New triggers for loaded images/creating new panels

    new triggers.JPG

    Prompt UI for when a Appearance preset contains DecalMaker info
Patch for Alpha value being stored as 1 instead of slider value in presets and saves
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