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Patch for Alpha value being stored as 1 instead of slider value in presets and saves
Patched to work on
Fixed: Broken load preset button.
Fixed: Images with filenames too long would error ImagePathText. Now sanitized length

Added new features:
Two new buttons added to decal panels. One copies the current panel and one that links panel settings.

Green ++ button: Makes a duplicate of the current panel and places it bellow current panel.

White button with * Click this button to select a number. All panels with the same number with sync alpha and color values. One control to rule them all!

Incomplete WIP feature :
Started adding Eye textures.
Click Toggle Eyes to switch between Body and eye textures.

Only the Iris and whites are currently functional.
Will have to change shaders/renderer for other eye parts.
Fun you can have with animations and eye textures
Beta 13: The Patch and nothing but the patch.
Two minor fixes.
Fixed: Last browsed Path should be properly remembered and used.
Fixed: Spec and Gloss were using the wrong UI shader leading to blank UI's.
Beta 12 Video Killed the Radio Star Edition
Video is now a supported option. Select the same way you would choose an image. Video should be in 4096*4096 format.
When using a video source new trigger variables are available:
Jump to Frame #
Jump to Time

This is a feature I made to see if it was possible, it has no use case yet, but allows for animated decal/specular and normal effects that I hope some creative people can make use of.

Fix: Prefabs recognize the new naming of saved presets. The removal of the dsgn to the preset string was not being handled.
Beta 11 Scotty Edition
Improved: Found a bit more speed 'inna her Cptn. Improved render speed making animated triggers smoother.
Fixed: 600+ texture loads. Loading Looks/Appearances could trigger a bug causing VAM to reload the same skin textures over and over.
Added: Texture reset added to triggers. This is the soft reset that keeps all decals present.

Testing a 10 second fade 1 texture slot:
Old: 160fps > 78fps
New: 160fps > 155fps

Testing a 10 second fade 4 texture slots:
Old: 160fps > 55fps
New:160fps > 150fps
Beta 10: Trigger edition
Use of triggers WILL Impact framerates. Avoid slow 0 to 100 transitions where changes are so minimal it is not worth the re-render time. Use stepped values or very fast trasitions to make the least impact in overall FPS. Also multiple texture slots active at same time will kill fps.

Added: Sliders for each panel are controllable by Triggers.
Added: Color for each panel that are controllable by Triggers.

Fixed: Memory usage and Improved memory usage and disposal when plugin is removed or reloaded.
Fixed: Recently saved presets will show in the load preset window.
Fixed: Prefabs are temporary by default as intended.
Fixed: Slider no longer blocks lower edge of color select on Decal Panels.
Fixed Normal and spec/gloss renderpanel using the applied texture instead of base texture as source.
Fixed: Male genital textures using wrong index in renderpanel.

Info: Heavy refactoring and rewriting the UI, please let me know if something does not behave correctly.

Trigger Actions Info: Each panel has name that will show as a jsonstorable in the trigger system based on Region, _Material and Name
Example: torso_DecalTex2257wBC and Color_torso_DecalTex2257wBC

The Name is based on the date of creation and 3 random letters.
This name is saved with scenes and Decal Maker presets so triggers will work when reloaded.
This release allows near real time changes to textures.

Changed: Render system to allow much quicker changes.
Removed: "Apply" button.

Refactoring a lot of core code is still in progress. Things to be removed, Preview panel, cache, tempmanager systems.
Plugin takes longer to load and finish UI

Add: Preview panel. Toggelable panel that shows a live preview of what the layered output will look like.
Click Preview to change preview size.
LIMITS: Can only show aprox 9 textures depending on shader. Is not fully VR ready (Awkward placement).

Add: Specular and Gloss added to Bulk Bake system.

Fix: Clear texture was only 99% clear leading to slight tint issues at low alpha values.

Had time today to actually fix a few more bugs besides the necessary Hotfix so sorry for the close releases.

Fixes one eye VR issue with the Normal Map UI Slider (recompiled unity asset)
Fixes Normal Maps not saving slider value.
Changes load system to try and fix "Shader not found" < I hate this issue and hope it is really dead this time.
Changes Default texture reset system Faster but less robust.
This is just a fix to the DecalMaker Cache location no other changes are fixes implemented.
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