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Introducing VAM To Daz 2

This is a utility I made to bring my VAM characters back into Daz Studio. Once it is in Daz you can then send the model out to Maya, Blender, Zbrush, etc... for further refinement.

With a simple drag and drop operation this utility will convert VAM's Bone and Mesh morphs back to Daz morph files. .

  • UPDATED 12/9/2023 The application no longer needs a .net 6 runtime. All needed .net6 files are built into the exe file. This makes for a much larger exe file but removes the need for users to worry about what runtime to use.
  • Use Morph Merge and Split or Morph Merger to save your character as a single VAM morph file.
  • Drag and drop one or more *.vmb or *.vmi files onto the correct Square on the Utility to convert the morph(s).
  • The imported morphs can be found under the category "Actor/VAM To Daz/" in Daz Studio.
  • Each square shows the Daz content path being used.
  • Click on the square to open explorer to that directory.
  • You can drag and drop multiple vmi/vmb files at once.
  • Console window show basic logging information.


The utility will check the windows registry for your Daz Studio's Content Path and if found will save files in the proper location

The converted morphs will be located in your Daz Studios Content directory at
/data/daz 3d/Genesis 2/Female/Morphs/VAM2Daz/ /data/daz 3d/Genesis 2/Male/Morphs/VAM2Daz/ /data/3feetwolf/New Genitalia For Victoria 6/Genitalia-default/Morphs/VAM2Daz/ /data/daz 3d/Genesis 2/Male Genitalia/Morphs/VAM2Daz/

Daz studio will need to reload any open genesis 2 character before it will see the added morphs.

Known Issue: Bone display inside of Daz studio may look off, this is visual issue, not a problem with the actual bone rigging. This can be corrected by using the Adjust rig to shape option in Daz with ONLY the adjust end Points checked.

Thanks to @Jackaroo and @USSR for testing.
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Latest updates

  1. Update to version 2.2.0

    EDIT: 12/9/23 16:21 Fixed link to correct file. If your app always says no Daz content path...
  2. Update to catch an error if only VMB file existed.

    Updated file drop to catch if only the vmb file existed. Signed the executable with a self...
  3. VAM 2 Daz 2 Beta 2

    Now converts Bones and Mesh morphs.

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Indispensable. Thank you so much.
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wow, cool, TOP :-)
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Awesome. It helps a lot. Wish that however, it could export it for G8 but I get it since the base is G2. Also now there's also need for the textures as well! Hope someone will do it soon.
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No response after I drag, and the tool says no Daz path found, how to fix this ?
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Absolutely amazing! So easy to use
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Guys, maybe someone has faced such a problem. The morph of the face is distorted, I did everything according to the instructions.
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Doesn't work, won't launch. Not sure why. I will change the rating if I can get it to launch.
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Must have shit if you want to bring your vam character to daz. I been literally waiting ages for a program like this to import vam characters to daz.. Very easy to use, great program. I can't thank you guys enough.
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This, paired with ProjectCanyon's morph merger is a great way to bring your model into DAZ for touch-up work. Especially useful when there is not a morph for that specific part you want to adjust.
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For DAZ Artists, this opens up a whole new life for Genesis 2 characters, and gives VAM legitimacy not just as an adult game sandbox, but as an essential tool in 3D art. More and more DAZ artists are taking note of the potential of VAM as a genuine CGI tool - and this moves the application one step further in that direction.
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