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Happy turkey day! Here we have a sequel to VAMDeluxe’s excellent Vamasutra. His original pose pack is a few years old but I still use it all the time, so I wanted to extend on what he originally did. In this pack you will find

6 new Blowjob presets
7 new Cowgirl presets
6 new Cunnilingus presets
11 new Doggy Style presets
6 new Fingering presets
5 new Handjob presets
2 new Lotus presets
4 new Missionary presets
12 new Reverse Cowgirl Presets
6 New Side Fuck Presets
10 New Standing Presets
1 New Splits Preset

VAMDeluxe already did an excellent job with basic poses like a standard cowgirl, missionary etc. I tried to make things more dynamic or intimate. The only morphs used are hand morphs, no facial expressions so you can animate your faces however you like. I tried to keep the poses aligned to 0,0,0, as much as possible to make them easier to place into environments. These poses animate well with Vinput's Autothruster

There are three ways you can load these

1 As poses presets right from the var.
2 As merge loading the scenes in the zip file.
3 As pose manager presets also in the zip.

Pose manager is my favorite way and while it is a paid plugin I think it is worth the money. I find this is the best way to load with different models and reduce the chances of physics explosions. It’s also super convenient.

This pack took me about 50+ hours to put together so if you are thankful give me a like, my shit is always free.

Huge thanks to VAMdeluxe wherever you are.


1669298401470.png2022-11-24 07_01_52-VaM.png2022-11-24 07_02_23-VaM.png2022-11-24 07_02_49-VaM.png2022-11-24 07_03_14-VaM.png2022-11-24 07_03_39-VaM.png2022-11-24 07_04_02-VaM.png
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Latest reviews

thank you, good work !
Glad you like it.
great update, sweet additions. thank you
Thanks for the feedback, I hope you enjoy the poses,
For me that I'm legit bad at posing because I still don't understand how to, this is a legit save. Appreciated a lot.
Awesome! I am really glad you find it useful!
50 Hours!? Thank you! Thank you, and that's about 50 million wank sessions for me that these will help maximize, thank you big B! @ivam - if you use this marvelous free pose plugin these will load and keep the pose exactly where the person atom currently is - it's fantastic
Thanks! and enjoy the wanks! :D
This is really good. Thank you for sharing this.
There is only one thing that makes it a bit less useful. When you load a pose to a character, the character snaps back to 0,0,0. This would be so much better if they would just stay where they are and if the root wouldn't be rotated.
Thanks for the feedback I appreciate it! I think it is a matter of preference actually. I like my pose presets root position set to 000 because that is how I setup my environment subscenes. It isn't too hard to add a grab point and set the person atoms to parent (from scene) to it and then just move them around. Pose manager accomplishes the same thing with a root PM atom.
Absolutely amazing work! Thank you for your generous contribution to the VaM community 🙏🏼
Thanks for the kind words!
glory to the old plugin, and lot of gratitude for the time you were needing to restore and adapt new functions. Thank you Sir!
You are welcome I hope you enjoy!
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