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HeelAdjust was originally released on Discord on 9 January and 27 April 2020:

Add this script to a Person atom to add colliders and adjust foot poses for high heels or thick soled shoes. Foot pose and collider parameters can be saved and autoloaded per clothing item.


Known issues in 1.0.2:
  • OnDestroy is not working, so colliders are not removed and foot pose is not reset if you remove the plugin, so disable it first if you want to remove it.
  • The latest version doesn't run on VaM versions prior to, which are missing the FileManagerSecure.CreateDirectory function. If you have an older VaM, you can use the original plugin from the discord link above.
  • HeelAdjust now works with males or females, but reload it if you change a Person's gender and it stops working.
Give thanks to:
  • @JayJayWon for contributing fixes needed for HeelAdjust to work with VaM 1.19.
  • @ICannotDie for updating HeelAdjust to work with male/futa Persons.
  • @vamX for updating HeelAdjust to work with vamX.


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Latest updates

  1. HeelAdjust updated to work with vamX

    Updated by @vamX to work with vamX. Thanks, vamX!
  2. HeelAdjust 1.0.2 with Male/Futa support

    Please give your thanks to @ICannotDie for updating HeelAdjust to work with male/futa Persons...

Latest reviews

very good ty
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Absolutely essential for getting heels to work with existing mocaps. Thank you!
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Hope it can adjust futa's heel someday :)
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a small masterpiece
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very useful
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Fantastic little tool for all us heel addicts.
Way more flexible than the harli-heels hack.
Any angle, customisable collision and presets saving. What more could you need!
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