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Let there be people. Generate dynamic crowds for your Club or Gig scenes.


How to use

  • Add a Custom Unity Asset to your scene, load the assetbundle contained in the bundle.
  • Add the script inside the bundle on the Custom Unity Asset
  • Open the plugin and tweak your settings.
Grab HZMDemos, three scenes are included to show several settings of the plugin.


The performances are pretty nice. BUT, putting 100 characters in a scene is heavy. Pay attention to performances for realtime scenes. Avoid at all cost a reflective slate with a lot of characters.

A bit more about the plugin

The current version offers the base animations and randomness to create interesting crowds. But I plan on adding more characters, more animations for the crowd (dances for instance), and naked characters based on VaM appearances.

It also is a way of getting your feedback, so if you have any suggestions to improve the UI or the experience, feel free to join the discussion.


Mixamo characters and animation from
Some models from Sketchfab under CC-BY 4.0 Including work from :
Thunder, mohsenmousavi2313, Incod ART 3D
First release
Last update
4.95 star(s) 22 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Bugfixes and updates

    Added material options allowing you to make unlit shadows or lit unicolor characters. Fixed a...

Latest reviews

Good stuff, huge improvement on ease of use over my release.
great plugin. very useful. thanks.
That is damn nice! Having more than 3 people in a VAM scene used to be a privilege for super-beefy PC owners or pretty complex... Not only this is now for everyone, it is also super easy! Thanks hazmhox & AXnop.732!
This is great stuff! Can't wait to see what else you come up with. If possible, it'd be nice to have checkbox options for the people and animations so it's not all/everyone or just one. Amazing work, thanks for adding so much to the community.
Absolutely incredible...this is a total game changer. I have a lot of scene ideas that require crowds and before this it's been a pretty difficult thing to do - this allows for much larger and dynamic crowds generated faster/easier with minimal impact on performance. Thank you!
you come up with amazing ideas Haz : )
As expexted Haz! Simple and fast to setup and use, light on resources and the result looks spot on!
Thanks for the review Juno <3 <3
This is awesome and a huge time saver! Theres a few other animated people like this on the hub but this makes things so much faster. Placing tons of people is time consuming and this takes seconds. Maybe its too difficult but a way to add custom models into the mix would be cool.
I'm glad you like it Xstatic!
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