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How to use
  • Open or create a scene.
  • Add a Custom Unity Asset
  • Go in the preset tab
  • Load the default preset or a pre-made preset from the package

You can find three demo showing the potential of the tile system in HZMDemos.

The wall system can be used to:
  • Add details to walls (using the planar version)
  • Create "photo booth" for virtual photography
  • Add animated an moving tiles to music videos
  • Create strange and interesting shape which could be used as props or sculptures in a scene ( static or moving! )

A video showing the creation process of a wall


There are animatable properties accessible through triggers. These are the properties you should animate.

You have to check "Enable animation" in the options first.

It is highly not recommended to animate other properties than the animatable ones. The animatable properties are easy to recognize and starts with "Animate XXX".

The reason why you should not animate the other properties is because they are generating the tiles everytime you change the values. In an "Edit mode" situation, it's pretty ok since a slight framerate hitch is not a big deal. But during play mode, it will reduce performances heavily.
So be sure to stick to animatable properties.

Special thanks

Thanks to @Juno who is the main reason why this plugin exists. Thanks for the neat ideas and concepts which made this possible.

Thanks to @Spacedog for the feedback and the awesome Padded Cell preset.
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More resources from hazmhox

Latest updates

  1. Small QoL update for a future scene

    Updated the tile size to be "free" (allowing you to push the tile size further by using the...

Latest reviews

Just some walls, i hear you say? No. They are works of art. I´m done with environments. Thank you.
Upvote 0
So the story goes, I was looking for somthing a bit more interesting for backgrounds for my shots and had already had some background walls created byt Malmorality. I mentioned this to Haz and next thing I knew the scope had massively expanded to something much more than a simple wall. Totally eclipsed my expectations, I cannot wait to see what the visionaries do with this. Bravo Brother!
Thank you Brother ! <3
(I love mini stories :p)
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Another extremely useful addon by haz! <3
Upvote 0
Oh my God, Haz! There you go again with something I didn't even know I needed and now I'm totally excited to use it! Thank you!
You're welcome friend :3
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Would be a great addon to my stage settings!
Yup! It works great with music videos, we still have an MV on the works with Timbo and Juno :)
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Très beau concept
<3 TiSeb
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A vital creator for the community keeps coming up with great stuff I didn't even know I needed until it was added. Thank you!
Thank you bob!
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Very nice! Can't wait to get into this one!
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So glad rumors of your untimely death were greatly exaggerated.
:'] Thanks VaMDev! Glad you're okay too!
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