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  • Every now and again I stumble onto a creator who's work just blows a hole in my head.
    I'm always so surprised that I haven't found them before.

    Your work is inventive and playful in a content space where a lot of things are, honestly, not super unique.
    Plus, the fact that you're making video guides to clothing kajiggery as well is *chef's kiss*
    Thanks for the hard work.
    Hey mopedlampe!

    Would you consider modifying your awesome motoko or hide_character4 script to allow me to better control the body parts I want to hide so the skin of the vagina/butt/hips low/breasts/nipples can be hidden. This would work much better than any of the other alternatives I've tried to find over the last year.

    With your script I can hide many body parts, but I dont have the precise control I need to hide just where the butt/breasts/nipples/vag/clit/lower hips/ etc poke through when wearing some clothes - I hope I'm explaining myself ok.

    Bottom line: can I please pay you to slightly modify your script so I can better hide poke through issues I'm having with a lot of tight clothing :)
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