Two girl scene with blowjob animations, anal, ATM cumshot in mouth on both, and vaginal cream pie animations on both to get them pregnant. Go through all the animations with your two favorite models like usual and then at the end you can choose to get Girl 1 pregnant, Girl 2 pregnant, or both of them pregnant and restart the scene animations with them pregnant.

Under General Settings are buttons to auto generate pregnancy morphs, milk squirting out their nipples that is timed with some animation movement, breast morph slider to increase pregnant breast size, milk drops around chest, pregnant lingerie option, and options to test it out with Naturalis for better jiggle physics.

Get Her Pregnant Screenshots (1).jpg

Each animation has a Spy Cam monitor view. Clicking each animation button moves you to a good viewing position, and adjusts the monitor and the UI button location to your position.

The Spy Cam menu includes a Voyeuristic "Window View Outside" button so you can see what the neighbors see through the window. Here are 3 variations with the built in Settings options.

Rain Off and City Skybox On | Rain On and City Skybox On | Rain On and City Skybox Off
Get Her Pregnant - Window View Outside.jpg

Milk Squirting Examples
You can choose to turn on Pregnant and Milk Squirting for Girl 1, Girl 2, or both. The examples below show it turned on for both. The VAM default female 1 model is used in the scene to reduce the number of dependencies. It's recommended to change them out with your favorite models.

Get Her Pregnant - Milk Squirting 1.jpg

Get Her Pregnant - Milk Squirting 2.jpg

Get Her Pregnant - Milk Squirting 3.jpg

Switch out Girl 1 and Girl 2 with your favorite models. Click Fix Scene Issues button to scale them to 1.0. On the Play Settings menu in the bottom right click on: (START) BLOWJOB 1

Go in order BLOWJOB 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and then ANAL PRECUM launches a hidden menu on the left for more animation options.

CheesyFX BodyLanguage is used and recommended but not required. It adds x-ray effect by default, you can turn it off with ALT+X. The reason it was added is it improves gaping which helps because when pregnant they shift each other based on their sizes, and gaping and bulging and the magnet effect to stay inside with BodyLanguage helps with those kind of morphs. For the creampie animation you can see the girls gaping open as fluid is squirted inside.

BodyLanguage has VAMMoan built in so you don't want to add another version of it. It's located on Girl 1 and Girl 2 under CheesyFX.ReadMyLips | Voice tab.

When you launch the scene it displays instructions in the scene for convenience. Uncheck the Instructions checkbox under Settings to hide it.

General Settings

Get Her Pregnant - General Settings.png

Play Settings

Get Her Pregnant - Play Settings.png

FOV 60 is recommended. Focus Select/Reset Focus on Girl 2 to zoom in more easily.

Important Note 1: The scene is designed with 1.0 sized scaled models. Some models are .9, .94, etc. When you load in your own models, click the Fix Scene Issues (Scale 1.0) button to scale all the models to 1.0 if you have any alignment issues. You can also try clicking on another animation and then click back and sometimes that will reset the pose to the starting pose and align for you if you have issues.

Important Note 2: Default VAM models are used to reduce the number of dependencies. I added hair that should come with VAM just so they aren't bald but you want to switch them out with your favorite models.

Important Note 3: I was going to lower the breast morph slider option or remove it but decided to leave it in. With some models it will cause explosions until I update the animations to be more large breast friendly. As of right now you have to be careful with how much you increase the breast size on certain models that already have large breasts.

Important Note 4: If you go through and check Pregnant and adjust the breast size and turn on Naturalis, you want to then calibrate it last after you made your adjustments. If you calibrate it and then add the Pregnant and Breast morphs it will just have you calibrate it again, so calibrate it last after you finish your adjustments.

Important Note 5: If you turn on Milk Squirting while an animation has already started, it is based on triggers that don't kick in until you start a new animation. So click on another animation and it will start working.

Important Note 6: If any checkbox doesn't work, uncheck it and check it again so it resets and loads how you want.

Important Note 7: The Spy Cam Monitor auto moves to not be in view of the camera or too close to the animation to get a better view. I was originally planning to include just one selected view, but decided to include some bonus general views as an extra. They are not going to be perfectly compatible with all animations, so you have to go through them to see which ones are compatible, but on some they do help give it a good alternative view.

Important Note 8: The music buttons are place holder buttons where you can load your own music if you want and re-save the scene with a custom playlist. When you first launch the scene, you will get a Scene Instructions text box, click the Music tab at the top and it will walk you through how to update the music buttons with your own music and resave the scene with a custom music playlist.

Special Thanks
A very special thanks to all the creators that helped make this scene possible!
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I was JUST thinking "Am I crazy, or is there a weird uptick in MM(MMM..MMMMM)xF scenes, and fewer and fewer FFxM scenes?"
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Then my jaw hit my desk looking at the tags...
My pants started falling off looking at the description...
I can't remember the last time I was this eager to check the dependency list (which is mercifully short, very nice!)
Squirting? ATM? LACTATION?? CREAMPIES and PREGNANCIES for BOTH WOMEN??? Seeing tags like these is rare enough on their own, but together?? FOR FREE?? 😭

If I may offer a suggestion for future updates/scenes though, if you're gonna include that large display cam, I would suggest disabling it by default. That cam is destructively performance heavy, at least for me as a VR user. Minor gripe though, thank you for this excellent scene.
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