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Eyes reflection and shadow (Male/Female/Futa)

Clothing Eyes reflection and shadow (Male/Female/Futa) v1

From G2 polygon mesh

Eyes reflection
Eyes upper shadow
Eyes side shadow
Eyes bottom shadow

You can use it in paid resources

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5.00 star(s) 14 ratings

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Love it!
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Thank you so much for making a nice eye reflection and shadow set that can be used for commercial looks. This is great work.
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This is an excellent resource and you have benefited the community greatly since releasing it with a CC BY license. Even though it is late, I just wanted to say thank you from myself as a creator, and from the VaMHub team as a moderator.
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Wish i found this just a bit sooner! I was just going through the wrap process of making my own to use, now i dont have to finish it! XD You rock!
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My favorite eye enhancements because they are very compatible, look good and work out of the box without fiddling with some settings.
The alteratives offer more customization options but usually require more fine tuning depending your look. These just work.
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Thank-you! This will be my go-to item for eye reflections. It looks GREAT and just works.
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this is perfect , no more reflections popping threw closed eyelids.
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I love you. I really do!
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Bit late trying this out, but very nice work.
Go to eye shadow/Highlight now. Thanks.
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