Rainy City Bedroom Set

Scenes Rainy City Bedroom Set 3

Nothing quite like big city scenery and the coziness that comes from being inside on a stormy evening.

This is a scene compiling available assets on the VAM hub with some assets I found online to create a realistic ensemble. My contribution is mainly the window effects. The textures on the window were made using transparent emission panels tiled one by one right behind the windows. It makes for a very convincing look that pairs well with rain.

Feel free to use this scene, improve upon it, or simply use it to learn how to replicate this window effect.

Hopefully it wqrks this time instead of only giving a jpeg.

All custom assets are used under creative commons license.
Skybox by Romolas
Rain CUA by Romolas
Ambience by Hazmhox
Rainy Window overlay texture by Madetobeunique (Deviantart)
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Latest updates

  1. Fixed Rain Effect

    Rain no longer collides with an invisible floor. You can now look out the window in peace!

    Took me way too long to figure out I wasn't including the .json file. 🤦‍♂️ I really hope this is...

Latest reviews

Good Job!
Very Nice! Thank you!
You did it :D
It looks very good! Great mood. Thank you!
Just checked out the update. I love the rain drops on the window effect and the calming sounds of the rain. Thanks for this.
Super chill and very customizable. Absolutely love it! <3
Great stuff! A nice cozy atmosphere exactly as intended. The only thing I'd recommend is to use the 'Rain (Simple)' version of my Rain assets. I'll explain more in the discussion section.
posting the review just to get rid of that 1 star from the guy below
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