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What it is:
  • These are multiple lighting rigs for different performance levels.
  • They are designed to light the subject model in 360 degrees so that you can walk around in room scale.
  • They are designed to be color neutral.

How to install:
  • Place the included var file in your AddonPackages folder under VAM.

How to use:
  • Add empty SubScene atom at the subject models feet (for the default scene, x=0, y=0, z=0).
  • Load one of these.
  • Because the design is in 360-degrees, you can simply rotate a rig to get a different aesthetic.
My custom ReShade Preset and my custom look was used for the screenshots, as well as the Female Body Smoother Tessellation plugin, and the [Environment] The Hallwyl Museum 1






MeshedVR for the original 3-point lighting rig for VAM.
Everlaster for the Lumination plugin which makes editing lighting rigs so much easier.
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Latest reviews

best lighting, i use it all the time
Very nice! Thank you!
Great rigs mate, i use them alot thx!
The new VR 360 Light Sub Scenes are great! Thanks!
Thank you for the review!!
Thank you for the update without your lights my models would not look the ways they do thank you.
Thank you for the nice review!
Thank you
Thanks, I will try these out. I am always looking for good lighting in Vam for design work, these look like they should do the trick. Thanks.
I'd say 3p or 3p+ for photography; 4p (ultra), 3s1p (high), 4s (medium) or 2s1d (low) for VR depending on the performance level of your hardware. 3p and 3p+ look as good as 4p for still photos (if not better) but 4p looks better if you wanna also move behind the model and check the subject from the back. 4s might be the quality/performance winner as it's based on spot lights.
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