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Walk around her in VR and just admire the view. It's your secret place.

Use the room for your scenes. There is a pole for dancing, chains for bondage, and the placement of the furniture like the bed and chair is the same as 50 animated sex loops. There is also enough empty space for dancing and exercising.

The scene comes with a tablet that lets you control the action AND set the quality/performance levels. If you can run any other scene in VR, you can run this.

  • The dependencies have dependencies, so the list is long. You can always use 3 Easy Steps to Start Fresh.
  • The first time you load this scene, the textures will take time to load. After the game caches the assets, the performance will be much better. The loading time can still be long.
  • Depending on your settings, the first time you load the scene, the cuff chains may not work right (because you'll be allowing the plugin to run for the first time). The second time you load the scene, they should work (if you choose "always allow", otherwise the problem will be stuck in a loop).
  • This scene is maxed out. If you don't see a difference, you don't need it.
  • The quality is high, so the files are large.
  • There is no gameplay. You just walk around her in VR and admire the view. And maybe use the toys.

In VR, you can call the tablet to your hand with a button on your smartwatch. Send it back to its station by using the same button.

You can get up to a 5x performance boost by clicking "Fast" and "VR/AR". You have 10 possible combinations to pick from for your system.

Fast if your PC is a potato. Also, click "VR/AR" to switch off the room and the room lights.
2 to walk around her and enjoy the view. Click "VR/AR" if you need more performance.
3 to also interact with the breasts.
4 to also interact with the glutes.
Quality if your PC is a beast.

The rest of the buttons on the tablet are POV to switch to the male character's view, SPW to spawn/teleport to the starting point, RST to reset the animation/action, and Start Pause Resume buttons to control the animation. The toggle on the tablet toggles the floating menu on and off. That floating menu allows you to customize her.

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Exactly as in VR. No ray tracing, no depth of field, and no post-processing in editing.

I have spent a lot of time putting things together, but it is mostly content that the community has generated over the years. I do not take credit for any of those, nor do I imply any endorsement by the creators.

Animation courtesy of ReignMocap with his permission.

For the look in the scene, a modified makeup from Alter3go with elements from Kemenate decals, and my custom remix of REN's skins modified with skins by Riddler were valuable. WeebU's sweat gloss maps were modified using skins by Riddler. The tanlines are courtesy of DJ. The mouth textures are courtesy of VAMJFD.

Alter3go has helped and guided me with my head morphs. For the body morphs, I have used ProjectCanyon Morph Merger between iterations, so I have not been able to keep track of every morph I have used but I am sure I have used some morphs from the greats such as Alter3go, Ben-g, Damarmau, ddaamm, Huz, KarmageddonVAM, KdollMasta, kemenate, Morphs_Mega_Pack, pogdaddy, Spacedog, SupaRioAmateur, TenStrip, Vambo, VirtualREM, Wolverine333... Not to mention a lot of the morphs that come with VAM by default. Thankfully, all these people have been very generous to the community and the license on their morphs allows people to build upon them.

Hair by Lasseur, NoStage3, and ddaamm, eye lashes by VL_13, eye shadows and eye reflections by Hunting-Succubus, nails by SupaRioAmateur, Jackaroo and OrangeGumi are also in the dependencies but if you are going to customize the look, it should work without downloading these.

Plugins, scripts, clothes, expressions, textures, morphs, hairs, other assets, and ideas I use are courtesy of 3dtextures.me, AcidBubbles, Androinz, AshAuryn, Blazedust, CheekiBreeki, ClockwiseSilver, CloudCover, CuteSvetlana, Damarmau, DateKnight, ddaamm, DJ, Electric Dreams, everlaster, Extraltodeus, FallenDancer, frief, geesp0t, hazmhox, Hunting-Succubus, ICannotDie, imakeboobies, ivansx, Jackaroo, Jakuubz, JaxZoa, JoyBoy, kemenate, kmsktx, ky1001, Lasseur, LFE, LO, MacGruber, MeshedVR, Miki, ModsCreator, Molmark, MonsterShinkai, mopedlampe, MR, MrOrange, n00rp, Nobody, noheadnoleg, NoOC, Norm, NoStage3, null7881, OBO, OrangeGumi, paledriver, PetaZwega, PluginIdea, QBase, Register, registro, Regulus, rernat, Roac, Saint66, Scamp, Spacedog, SPQR, Strelok, SupaRioAmateur, SuperSamoth, Syrinxo, TenStrip, TGC, TheScenes, TiSeb, ToumeiHitsuji, VaMChan, VamTastic, vamurai, VamTimbo, VamXFan, VeeRifter, Vinput, VL_13, VRAdultFun, VRDollz, WeebU, xstatic, YameteOuji.

Thanks SPQR for the Performance plugin included in the var. Unknown creator for the Colortone asset first shared by Tiseb.

The license is NC-ND to respect other people's work. You have my permission to use my implementations for your free scenes as long as the original creators allow it. If the original license of something I have implemented is not "NC", thus allowing you to use it on your Patreon scenes, or if you get the original creators permission, my implementation can also be used.

Download and install VaM. You can always use 3 Easy Steps to Start Fresh. Download this package and its dependencies, and place them in the AddonPackages folder under your VaM installation.

If it's your first time with VaM, you might have to accept a bunch of security options like access to the hub and allowing plugins. Without these, the functionality of VaM is severely limited.

Optional but recommended:
Under User Preferences / VR2, pick Male 1 or 2 for VR hands, and turn the collision on.
Under User Preferences / Performance, have soft body physics enabled.

To start: Open scene
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5 stars, i'd give 6 if i could. You're rooms are just so well done. Would love to see you make a dedicated house or hotel room with living/bedroom/bathroom. Great work.
Thanks for the review man! I usually use assets that are free on the hub instead of building from scratch. Maybe one day :)
just one negative part: what's that? a coffee for ants?
High FOV screenshots to fit the whole room in the frame made the stuff in the corner look tiny. I tried to include close shots for that reason.
Thanks for putting everything together and sharing. Also even bigger thanks for cocreating and collaborating this makes all the assets shine.
Maybe next a clothing showoff, like a modeling stage with all the different assets? Thanks
epiClothing has so many options. I’ll think about a show off scene :)
It's hard to make people. I came to respect you more.
Thank you for the kind words. We're standing on the shoulders of giants who made all this stuff available to us. I just put it together.
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