1. epi.noah

    Scenes epiDeluxeRoom 2023-01-26

    Walk around her in VR and just admire the view. It's your secret place. Use the room for your scenes. There is a pole for dancing, chains for bondage, and the placement of the furniture like the bed and chair is the same as 50 animated sex loops. There is also enough empty space for dancing and...
  2. PodFlower 3.0

    Assets Hen's Room (Vam Architect Edition) v2

    Positional Environment Vam_Architect_Porter Hit the like button. Took about 8hours or more. Exploded broken environment with hundreds of holes in flipped faces of geometry once it hits blender and unity, with each hole that individually need to be fixed and flipped taking over 8 hours to...
  3. jasik

    Assets White Studio Room 1.0

  4. jasik

    Assets Record Room 2022-12-12

    NOTE: Add reflection glass on ground and 4 point white light.
  5. Lysander

    Scenes Room 900 2022-12-23

    The bed is a subscene for everyone who loves the Cyberpunk Bed but hates that it's basically a mattress on the floor. Thanks so much to everyone who cares enough to be good at this.
  6. GGDB1



    Scenes Office Cabinet 2022-12-04

    Hey All! This environment is free for all :) With your support I can release even much much more :) Thank You all <3 ------------------------------------------------------- You can turn ON/OFF floor reflections via buttons to get better performance. (if you have problem with perfomance-...
  8. Fatdragonn93

    Paid Assets Hotel Room (at Night) 2022-11-29

    I made a small Hotel Room with Env and Glass Reflections. Hope you will like it
  9. [Scene] Modern Studio Apartment

    [Scene] Modern Studio Apartment


    Paid Scenes Modern Studio Apartment 2.0 [Bathroom with working bathtub UPDATE]

    -------------------------------------- Feautres: - working doors [NEW] (Doors can be oppened via sript in Atom menu "#Apartment_SCRIPT_HERE") - optimized water in bathtub [NEW] - you can set level and color of the water [NEW] - Pose presets [NEW] - Some furnitures can be moved...
  11. TacoCat

    Assets Hotel apartament 1

    Hello. Free asset here. Hotel apatament interior. Baked, colisions, movable doors. 4 variants of interior: - Day light - Night full light - Night less light - No light ( no bake ) 3 doors - inner, shower, bathroom. Recommended skyboxes...

    Paid Scenes Work Office 2022-10-26

    -------------------------------------- You can turn ON/OFF floor reflections via buttons to get better performance. (if you have problem with perfomance- try turning off "Mirrored Surfaces " in VAM) Is your character too dark? Please change value of "Global Illumination Filter" in "Skin...
  13. epi.noah

    Other epiRoom 2022-10-25

    Now you can use epiCreatorLite to quickly put a scene together with epiRooms. Showcased in epiCreator (which is also free and comes with many scenes). Good rooms These environments have enough of an open space to fit perfectly for room-scale VR. They use the modified version of vamifier where...
  14. vamurai

    Scenes Runaway Room 1.0

    I'm putting together a new scene set to a short song that I've always wanted to do. I needed a simple environment for it, and this is the fruit of that labor. There isn't a lot here, it's mostly some built-in assets made to look like a dark room somewhere in the snow, warmed by a low...
  15. S

    Scenes Scientific Lab 1.1

    I made a custom lab from free assets on the hub, enjoy! If it's too heavy on the cpu for your scenes, you can deactivate lights and/or the glass reflection. On the middle top left vent, there's buttons to activate/deactivate the ambience ventilation sound. Credits: B3liar.Flashfuck.latest...
  16. Chase81

    Assets Cyberpunk Room

    Chase81 submitted a new resource: Cyberpunk Room - Cyberpunk room (created with Cyberpunk 2077 game assets) Read more about this resource...
  17. Chase81

    Assets Cyberpunk Room 1.5

    Cyberpunk Room Simple room with game assets, including Night City skybox. The sample scene comes with interactive buttons: you can turn TV on / off by pressing power switch, turn window reflections and the rain on / off (see pictures below) Night City view: Interactive...
  18. Chase81

    Assets No Tell Motel Room

    Chase81 submitted a new resource: No Tell Motel Room - No Tell Motel Room from Cyberpunk 2077 Read more about this resource...
  19. Chase81

    Assets No Tell Motel Room 1.5

    No Tell Motel Room One of the most iconic places from Cyberpunk 2077 Corridor: Vending machine and table: Sofa: The famous bed: Shower: Converted from Cyberpunk 2077 - No Tell Motel Room (by Rigid3d) Change log: - v1.0 * Initial Release - v1.5 * Fixed meshes and...
  20. Vam_SlesaR

    Assets Room 2022-09-08

    a small room and a few items for your scenes. p.s. don't drop phone
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