1. Chase81

    Assets Cyberpunk Room 1.5

    Cyberpunk Room Simple room with game assets, including Night City skybox. The sample scene comes with interactive buttons: you can turn TV on / off by pressing power switch, turn window reflections and the rain on / off (see pictures below) Night City view: Interactive...
  2. Chase81

    Assets No Tell Motel Room

    Chase81 submitted a new resource: No Tell Motel Room - No Tell Motel Room from Cyberpunk 2077 Read more about this resource...
  3. Chase81

    Assets No Tell Motel Room 1.5

    No Tell Motel Room One of the most iconic places from Cyberpunk 2077 Corridor: Vending machine and table: Sofa: The famous bed: Shower: Converted from Cyberpunk 2077 - No Tell Motel Room (by Rigid3d) Change log: - v1.0 * Initial Release - v1.5 * Fixed meshes and...
  4. Vam_SlesaR

    Assets Room 2022-09-08

    a small room and a few items for your scenes. p.s. don't drop phone
  5. Hotel Room- working doors/shower

    Hotel Room- working doors/shower

    My newest scene
  6. Hotel Room

    Hotel Room

    My newest scene
  7. Hotel Room

    Hotel Room

    My newest scene

    Paid Scenes Hotel Room 2022-08-15

    You just booked a nice hotel room with private bathroom, what is your next step? Feautres: - working doors (can be opened via script in Atom menu) - working shower - ideal for voyeurism (blinds in the bathroom) --------------------------------- You can turn ON/OFF mirrors and floor...
  9. MonsterShinkai

    Scenes Color Box Room 1.0

    Original infinite room was made by MaF I believe using ImagePanelEmissive. It gave me the idea to put some textures on them like a skybox to create the illusion of a large space in a simple way. Change the music. Add props. Try customizing the wall image and floor texture with your own. Used...
  10. Norm

    Assets Gwin Cerbin 2

    ⊶  ⊷ Gwin Cerbin Two rooms, two floors Experiment with plugin NoStage3.UnityAssetVamifier.20 Rooms specially adapted and customized for the UnityAssetVamifier plugin. This gives ample opportunities for customizing the environment, simple lighting setup with deep shadows. As a result...
  11. Teapot

    Assets Private Room (Vanguard Security) v1.0

    This room is located in the underground basement of a private celebrity security business named "Vanguard Security". Used to interrogate and acquire information based on the best interests of the company. Sometimes celebrities seem to forget their place and end up in here for a quick chat, I...
  12. venkman

    Assets Flynn's Secret Lab...with Colliders 1

    A quick update of the resource(s) by Vamtastic. I noticed that nothing in the scene actually had collisions, so I imported them back to Unity, threw mesh colliders on the room and chair, and then re-exported. Easy peasy. Add a...

    Paid Scenes Public Restroom gloryhole, ambient sound UPDATE

    Feautres: - working doors (can be opened via script in Atom menu) - two restrooms with two styles - ambient sound ON/OFF buttons [NEW] - gloryhole [NEW] - you can find Toilet Brush and use it for any purposes - ideal for voyeurism - reflections in mirrors and floor (Disabled as default)...
  14. Z

    Assets Cozy city apartment in the snow v2

    Filmed with RTX. The specular colors increased for filming purposes, they are a bit toned down in the final result. Port of Simple Room by AngryKarakuri - Contains custom GI for proper specular reflections. Set to an empty atom so you can change it if you want to. - PostMagic loaded to...
  15. N

    Assets Ainz Bedroom 1.0

    Contains single and joined Assets for a Szene. (Ainz Bedroom from Overlord) Made it to go along with the remade Albedo Model that should be on the HUB at the same Time. I didn´t have good Refart and didn´t spend a lot of time on it so the Textures are still bad and the Walls are very LP and...

    Paid Scenes Room Classic v2 working doors

    Classic style apartment with rooms. Doors can be oppened via sript in Atom menu "ROOM_script_here" --------------------------- Feautres: - working doors - working toilet seat - some objects can be moved (tables, chairs, sofa, lamp, cups, remotes, magazines) -alternative color versions of...
  17. atani

    Scenes Dorm Party 1

    🤟 Dorm Party 🍺 Erica likes partying, but even more the after-party ## Instructions Get the dependencies and accept the use of plugins Pick a action, then press the play button The go back button returns to the main animation Passenger toggle activates Passenger mode in the Embody plugin ##...
  18. Korisaki

    Assets Modern Room 1.2

    Moveable modern room with a bunch of space for activities. High ceilings and wide floors.
  19. TacoCat

    Paid Assets MHouse 1.0

    Hello. This is new home interior. Hall, living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Colliders and bake in stock =) Have fun)
  20. Teapot

    Assets Concrete Room (Industrial Style) 1.3

    Industrial style concrete room, with elevator access and a beautiful moonlight view via skylights! The office chair, standing mirror & Weight lifting bar can be moved, rotated & animated. (Sorry no script) I have also included some props within the same var file and they are as follows: Office...
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