50 animated sex loops

Scenes 50 animated sex loops v1

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Great shit dude! that's literally all we need.
Bless you for this! please make more like these I love scenes like this the most where you can have all these poses in one BRILLIANT!
that's the thing ,I don't like one animation in one scene thats why haw to make my own +I like animate . Now i make my own poses for next one too=p
perfect!!! and this easy-posing is what matters the most when playing vam just for fun . Straight and simple. Bravo!!
not that easy but yesss it is fun ;D
Absolutely phenomenal!!!
Runs fantastic in VR and replacing appearance worked fantastic!!!
This scene is truly a kid in a candy shop!
Thanks. I still dont haw VR so no idea how it works in that ,ones for sure i wont make possess or whatever call it in VAM Just not my thing ;D
WoW, you did it again. It's a great framework to customize. I started by turning all my favorite posses/loops into specific colored text so I can tell front from back or on top, etc.
yup that is a good part in vam you can edit everything ;D
Wow thanks for taking the time to use all these great works and put them together in an easily usable way.
VAM is finally coming together nicely.
Usability is key, your work in vam is what steve jobs did with the iphone to mobile phones.

One optimization would be to integrate the performance settings and the scaling infos into scene with a toggle.
(Makes the scene more complicated i know but then all the relevant information is directly where it should be)
And maybe a mirror that can be switched on and off
--> all nice to have using the bulger plugin and the wet stuff is already great

Thanks for creating and sharing!
thanks! and about settings I just posted them so people know in what settings animations are made ,some may just like how they look in different settings. and i even haw no idea how to add toggle settings yet because that is not a main part in my work;) anyone after can add whatever they like in that scene thought. only main thing people should know that female in my scenes always be shorter than man. and if change looks just make shore female is 0.950 scale or animations will not work properly
wOw! realy good stuff!
Very good!!
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