Scenes epiDeluxeRoom 2023-01-26

Script references changed from "Exact Version" to "Min Version". This shortened the dependency list and should keep future downloaders from having to download old versions of plugins, as long as those plugins don't break backward compatibility. And if they do break backward compatibility, you'll know what version this build was using (the version pointed as "min").
You can get up to a 5x performance boost by clicking "Fast" and "VR/AR". You have 10 possible combinations to pick from for your system.

You click VR/AR, it switches off the room, the room lights, and the décor. The 5 performance preset buttons still work to give you better performance or quality. You click VR/AR again, and the room/lights/décor come back. The 5 performance preset buttons still work to give you better performance or quality. So you have 10 setting combinations to run this as fast as possible or with as much detail as possible. If you have a beast of a machine, or when you upgrade to one, you can keep the room on in VR too.

I was supposed to take a break to focus on real-life affairs (money stuff) but I didn't want to stop until I finished Angela and epiDeluxeRoom. Angela is great in VR. epiDeluxeRoom is more demanding but especially good on a desktop.

It's possible to have a button on the tablet to switch the room off, easily. That would make it a "one scene for all". Get everything maxed out on a desktop or a beast of a VR machine, but still be able to run the action beautifully with a modest machine. That's what this last update is.

I'll stick around. But I will probably stop releasing new stuff for a while.

I did all this stuff on a laptop. I will want to go back to creating after I take care of my affairs and upgrade to a desktop. When that happens, I'll probably try to work from home in VR, using the browser on the TV in this room 😙

All my stuff is free. Please use them. Even for Patreon scenes, if the original creator of the asset/plugin permits it, you have my permission to use my implementation.


Very minor improvements that you may not notice unless you're a creator using this for your own scene (But the file is small anyway).
IAmAFox just released new Arm and Leg Leather Straps that look like they were tailor-made for this scene. What am I gonna do, not update it?

Angela and Mr. C 32.jpg

Angela and Mr. C 33.jpg

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