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  1. Linn Scene

    Scenes Linn Scene 2
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC-SA

    Make sure to Join discord for early access and bonuses: https://discord.gg/HkcWVM8KMs Scene used to take screenshots of Linn for her hub release now as its own hub post so dependencies are kept separate. This version comes with a blank model as well as a few different pose presets to be used in...
  2. The River

    Scenes The River 1
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-SA

    Make sure to Join discord for some bonuses: https://discord.gg/HkcWVM8KMs This environment was inspired by an AI screenshot @Noc_This posted on official discord. I still plan on making several changes to this scene to make it more like my mountain temple scene where there are buttons for...
  3. Animated Torches

    Assets Animated Torches 2024-01-24
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    Comes in 4 colors--Normal, Green, Blue, Purple. Each version has a straight up and side. Lighting goes a long way to make a good scene and I never liked using VaM's built-in torches because they always cause a lot of lag and the sprite looks pretty dated. None of these torches have baked...
  4. A

    CUA lighting in some scenes looks highlighted / ultra bright

    So basically in some scenes my CUA assets look very weird and have bad lighting. I have tried messing with scene lighting and other stuff but it didn't work. It is only in some scenes and I do not know why this keeps happening, I searched everywhere and could not find a similar problem to mine...
  5. Showcase Photography Scenes - Sunset Forest, Cyberpunk Room

    Scenes Showcase Photography Scenes - Sunset Forest, Cyberpunk Room 1
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC-SA

    This is a collection of well-lit beautiful environments that can be used to showcase looks or photography. Just 2 environments for now, but I'll keep updating the collection with new environments. No look is included to keep dependencies minimal. Grab the companion Fairy Look used in...
  6. FocusOnMe!

    Plugins FocusOnMe! 14
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-SA

    Abstract: This plugin continuously tracks where you are looking at. Based on that info it focusses up to four configurable and positionable lights (three from the front and sides and one backlight) on the target. The lights move and rotate with the the player, so you will always enlighten the...
  7. ScreenAddiction


    I may have a screen addiction problem
  8. DragonLair04


    Home Office for VIP, WIP
  9. DragonsLair03


    Home Office for VIP, WIP
  10. 1683143653.jpg


    Home Office for VIP, WIP
  11. 1683143645.jpg


    Home Office for VIP, WIP
  12. 1683143559.jpg


    Home Office for VIP, WIP
  13. 1683143511.jpg


    Home Office for VIP, WIP
  14. 1683143469.jpg


    Home Office for VIP, WIP
  15. 1683143373.jpg


    Home Office for VIP, WIP
  16. 1683143333.jpg


    Home Office for VIP, WIP
  17. 1683143307.jpg


    Home Office for VIP, WIP
  18. 1683143259.jpg


    Home Office for VIP, WIP
  19. 1683143233


    Home Office for VIP, WIP
  20. 1683143211


    Home Office for VIP, WIP
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