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*This scene was designed for play in VR. To play on desktop, labeled collision triggers must be engaged by clicking and moving the hand of an Atom. Desktop play may be optimized in a future update*

You're haunted every evening by fears of the dark and unseen. Tired of sleepless nights, you hunt for a cure to this insomnia until stumbling upon an odd book, its first page reading: 'Those who fear the shadows, find a sacred altar, place your hand upon this seal and be freed in darkness' embrace.'
Against better instincts, your tired mind was determined to see this through. You find yourself drawn to a nearby, abandoned church. Rain and thunder begin pounding the windows as you hurry inside. With the book set in place, your soul begs for rest as the book's seal aches for your touch...



Hey everyone! I've been working on this for about a week or two now, and think I'm finally ready to put it out in time for spooky season. This is my first scene on the Hub, so I'm definitely expecting more than a few issues. Please comment in the discussion section or message me directly with any problems you might find! Thanks, and enjoy.

Took inspiration from Perveloper's scene, Shadowbabe Encounter, so definitely check it out.



Environment by biochrisd
Looks by Jackaroo and Aldrich
Poses modified from releases by klphgz
Select sounds pulled from scenes by Androinz
Expressions by AshAuyrun
ShakeIt plugin by CheesyFX
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 3 ratings

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This horror scene has a proper intro to get you into the mood. I love how you handled it. Great use of special effects as well!
Thanks! Your scene was a huge inspiration, glad to hear you enjoyed
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neat. Cool stuff.
Thank you :)
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we need more horror scenes !!!!!!!!!
Couldn't agree more!
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