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Posing Heels Showcase

Scenes Posing Heels Showcase

Showcase scene featuring over 300 standing heels poses animated using @MacGruber 's awesome IdlePoser.

All poses have been configured for Harli heels, centered and animated with transitions. Intended for use with normal height female looks.

Animation included where she turns around and there are a bunch of poses where her butt if facing toward you.

Awesome poses all available on HUB and created mostly by klphgz originally. Credit to other pose creators by: AshAuryn, IAmAFox, Luminestrial, MonsterShinkai, Watto, Verdonioa, Damarmau and JoyBoy

Scene also features a variety of expression presets using Expression Randomizer by Extraltodeus/VamTimbo.

  • Posing
    • Once you start she will keep changing poses.
    • On each transition to a new pose, she will reset her Expression and create a new random expression!
    • Click on the green button and she will change pose right away.
    • Click Turn Around and she will turn around and start posing with her butt facing you.
    • There are 2 main types of poses: Wide Stance and Close Stance
      • You can toggle between All Stances, Wide Stances Only or Close Stances Only
    • You can pause at any time by clicking the Pause Posing checkbox
  • Use the 360°, 180°, and buttons to start a camride (CameraMan) in that mode and hide the UI.
  • SuperShot is included for screenshots, just click "Take Screenshot" to bring up the preview.
    • You can easily edit the SuperShot settings in the Scene Options
  • Synergy arm/body movements and Life on by default, can be toggled off using UI.
  • Expression options include 7 distinct presets for ExpressionRandomizer, all somewhat subtle expressions.
    • Can toggle between Cute, Sultry or All Mixed expressions.
    • She changes her expression for each pose!
    • You can trigger a new expression if you want by clicking Change Expression
  • 3 presets for background wall: Purple, Black, and White
  • Post Magic is on by default, just a LUT by @ptrxxx . Can be turned off in Scene Options.
  • Model not included, just a dummy model. Change your look before you start. Have fun!





Nerdy Details
  • I had no idea if IdlePoser can efficiently handle over 300 poses and over 50 control points but it seems to be okay. Let me know if it is too taxing on performance, it seems okay to me.
  • This also captured and animates all hand pose morphs used in the poses.
  • I categorized/designed these pose animations into 16 groups of poses based a few parameters:
    • Is the weight on the LEFT or RIGHT heel?
    • Is it a WIDE or CLOSE stance?
    • Are the feet crossed in any way?
    • Is she facing forward or backward?
  • Based on that I made basic groups for: WideRight, WideLeft, CloseRight, CloseLeft, CrossedRight, CrossedLeft
  • I setup IdlePoser to find a next pose by shifting the weight from one side to the other, making the transitions look more natural.
    • So, you can go from WideRight to CloseLeft but not from WideRight to CloseRight
    • Transitions within a group are disabled. They might work fine, but doesn't look as natural.
  • Poses are all aligned based on the control point of the heel tip of the weighted foot
    • There are 4 control points in a horizontal line: WideRight, CloseRight, CloseLeft, WideLeft
    • WideRight/Left are used for the Wide poses, and CloseRight/Left are used for the Close and Crossed poses
  • I re-saved each pose after aligning it accordingly and zero'd the control so everything lines up
  • Also animated her turning around using JoyBoy's idle animations, and then include a ton of poses where her butt is facing toward you.
Poses: klphgz for awsome poses!
Also AshAuryn, IAmAFox, Luminestrial, MonsterShinkai, Watto, Verdonioa, Damarmau and JoyBoy for other poses and animations.
Scripts: MacGruber (for all the amazing stuff), SPQR, AcidBubbles, AshAuryn, via5, Stopper, Extraltodeus/VamTimbo, hazmhox, Dragontales
Morphs: AshAuryn, ascord, Jackaroo
Total Size
1.95 MB
First release
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Creator Support Link
klphgz klphgz
Luminestrial Luminestrial
MonsterShinkai MonsterShinkai
Watto Watto
Verdonioa Verdonioa
Damarmau Damarmau
JoyBoy JoyBoy
Dragontales Dragontales
Acid Bubbles Acid Bubbles
AshAuryn AshAuryn
MacGruber MacGruber
via5 via5
S Stopper
VamTimbo VamTimbo
MacGruber MacGruber
ascorad ascorad
AshAuryn AshAuryn
AshAuryn AshAuryn
AshAuryn AshAuryn
AshAuryn AshAuryn
AshAuryn AshAuryn
AshAuryn AshAuryn
AshAuryn AshAuryn
Jackaroo Jackaroo
everlaster everlaster
CheekiBreeki CheekiBreeki
MacGruber MacGruber
Acid Bubbles Acid Bubbles
Acid Bubbles Acid Bubbles
everlaster everlaster
MacGruber MacGruber
hazmhox hazmhox
MacGruber MacGruber

Latest updates

  1. Ton of poses added, "turn around" transition, bunch of rear-facing poses, UI redesign, expressions

    Added a ton of new poses. Added "turn around" animated transitions. Added a bunch of rear-facing...

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(apparently) "simple" straight masterpiece of perfect (rare) vam-sinergy with some amazing creativity. Those poses are since always my favorites. Adding a second active actor (male + cue plugin) was without issues... eventually also cleaning away the female plugin list from "some" plugins, not anymore so essential if riding poses variations with @via5 "pony-expressScript" (a great feelings delivering instrument) ❤️
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