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Shoe Helper

Plugins Shoe Helper 3

This plugin does two things:
  1. Enables the built-in high-heel colliders (same as what Harli Heels use)
  2. Adjusts toe physics

The high-heel collision is also offered by @prestigitis 's Heel Adjust plugin (which I didn't realize existed when I threw this together).

There is also @CheesyFX 's HeelAdjust2, it spiritual successor, that has all the same features

HeelAdjust(2) offers more functionality, including save/load and front colliders, and I recommend using that.

While this plugin has a similar effect, internally it functions differently in that it just turns on VAM's built-in heel colliders. I'm not going to remove it for the time being.

Note: The Collider Editor can be used to inspect or modify the colliders, under 'Left/Right Foot / ShoeCollider'.


VAM has a control node for all the toes on the foot. This is what typically see. However, each toe also has an independent body with its own physics. This is why no matter how much you try to constrain the toe controls, the individual toes are still very loose. (Note, you can add controllers to each toe with my TongueAndFingerControllers Plugin)

  1. Add to a model
  2. Select shoe clothing from drop-down
  3. Configure sliders as needed

Adding To a Shoe As a Clothing Plugin
Short video showing the full process of adding this to an existing shoe.

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More resources from Stopper

Latest updates

  1. Now works as Clothing Plugin. Collider Preview. Various fixes

    Can now be added as a Clothing Plugin and packed into clothing Toggle for a collider preview Fix...
  2. Added option to adjust controller rotation

    Added an option to adjust the rotation of the foot controllers. Reduces the impact on the rest...

Latest reviews

Thank you for making this awesome plugin, your hard work is a blessing to every high heels lover
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Thank you so much for making this much-needed plug-in. I’ve been looking for something like this for a very long time, but no one has been willing to step up to the task, until you! Finally, no more toes flopping around in high heels when they should be rigid! Thank you for making all these useful plug-ins for the community! Looking forward to your next genius release!
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Un-F*****-stopp(er)-able with your tremendous stream of 150% required as main staple releases. Thanks for another must-have plugin dude!!!
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Trop génial. Encore un super plugin. Plus besoin de rendre invisible les talons hauts par défauts pour avoir cet effet.
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