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[Experimental] Tongue and Finger Controllers

Plugins [Experimental] Tongue and Finger Controllers 8

This plugin adds controllers to the tongue and fingertips.

This is a prototype and intended as a proof of concept. There are caveats and bugs. I am unlikely to maintain or extend it in any serious way but happy to work with anyone that wants to build off of it.


Two steps:

1. Add As a Session Plugin

This will modify the prefab from which people are created to add the new controllers. It'll then affect models that are added afterwards.

Recommend doing this in an empty scene before loading anything.

This step is required to make things work correctly. Atoms have some read-only state that gets baked in during initialization and I can't find a way to modify it.

Note: You can set a session plugin preset as a default so it gets loaded automatically:

2. Add it to model

This enables using the UI to enable/disable controllers.

It's a little clumsy to use. I guess there's a reason these weren't included by default. A couple of recommendations from my own time playing around with it...
  • Parent the fingers to the hand. If I ever make a UI there'll definitely be a button for that.
  • Use Eosin's Iron Gripto relax the fingers as they're otherwise quite stiff.
    • I set the strength factor to something very low like 0.03, and uncheck "Use Finger Defaults As Min".
    • Reducing the collider size helps too.

Known Issues
  • Will not affect models loaded before plugin. Due to the way VAM seems to work, this will carry over between scenes.
  • No way to remove the controllers without a restart. Disabling the plugin will not do it.
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First release
Last update
4.83 star(s) 12 ratings

More resources from Stopper

Latest updates

  1. Better support for non-session mode

    Plugin is now mostly functional when adding to an atom (not as a session plugin). The main...
  2. Added more controllers

    Added additional controllers: Toes Note, each toe only has 1 rigid body Glutes Pectorals Jaw...
  3. Controller mesh cleanup and some fixes

    Added a slider for changing the size of the controller meshes. Removed the big blue selection...

Latest reviews

Solution to my long time problem with custom teeth... I can die happy.
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Great stuff and works nicely with Timeline.
Upvote 0
Wow, stunning!I see myself throwing in dozens of hours animating finger and toes. Great job on this and thank you <3
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Doesn't seem to allow animation of the finger controllers, would be a great plugin if it did.
It should... The demo video was done using Timeline. If you haven't tried loading as a session plugin before anything else, I'd recommend that first. Otherwise if you post how you're using it I can take a look at some point.
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Very great !!
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Can these hold animation or mocap in the native vam timeline ?
They seem to work with the built-in animation patterns. I've never worked with mocap so not sure about that.
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this is a great job, this is what should have been done initially
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Finger-linking good!
Upvote 1
I can't figure out what this plugin actually does. Is there a video demo ?
It adds the same controllers you use to move other joints around to the fingertips and tongue, so you can control them directly rather than using morphs. A video's on the to-do list...
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I quite love this. Controlling fingers and tongue will open a lot of doors for more realism. Looking forward to seeing more developments.
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