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[Experimental] Tongue and Finger Controllers

Plugins [Experimental] Tongue and Finger Controllers 8

Plugin is now mostly functional when adding to an atom (not as a session plugin).

The main thing that doesn't work is integration with Timeline.
Added additional controllers:
  • Toes
    • Note, each toe only has 1 rigid body
  • Glutes
  • Pectorals
  • Jaw
  • Genitals (vagina and anus)
    • These can wig out the physics
This was requested by @VamTimbo to help with toe physics in shoes. The issue there is that VAM only lets you control the 'parent' toe node, but not the individual toes. Even if you set the joint spring really high on the parent, the toes are still floppy. Now you can make the toes more rigid as well.

  • Added a slider for changing the size of the controller meshes.
  • Removed the big blue selection gizmo.
    • I've never liked it. Might add option to remove it for all controllers...
  • UI elements no longer shown when added to the scene. (Need to add to the model)
  • Fixed some internal bugs that interfered with saving/loading VamTimeline.
  • Added controllers for all joints in the fingers and tongue. Also included the two carpal joints.
    • These new controller are hidden by default.
  • Added toggles to hide controllers to the UI.

  • Fixed issue where loading the plugin multiple times could cause controllers not to work.
  • Changed the selection radius for added controllers to be much smaller to make it easier to select without having to cycle. Also lowered the selection radius of hands.
  • Added UI with some sliders to change selection radius of fingers, hands, and everything else.
  • Reduced the size of the finger controller selection gizmo.
  • Fixed a bug where repeated reloads would cause fingers to flex and other idempotence issues. Should be safe to reload now.
  • Can now be added to a Person like a normal plugin. Some things won't work doing it this way.
  • Fixed controllers being on by default.
  • Key/All Joint buttons now affect added controllers.
  • Some bugfixes.
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