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Ever wanted to parent something, and un-parent it in a trigger, but smoothly? Or ever wanted to follow two objects at once? Well now you can! If you need to animate parenting using Timeline, the upcoming 3.1 version will allow just that!

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Check out the video to see how it works:

This plugin allows you to define a parent (and a relative position/rotation to that parent), and decide how much you want to follow that parent. Check out the video for a complete example, but here is the typical use case: attach a hand to the cheek in some positions, and then to the hip using an animation pattern transition trigger or a Timeline animation.

This plugin was initially supposed to allow transitions between animations, but instead the feature is going to be built-in Timeline 3.1. I hope this can be useful for you for all other situations!

Note: The model in the screenshot is Melly.

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Acid Bubbles
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Everything you do is magic! (like the song ;)
Yes another mandatory plugin from you!
Another great free plugin :)
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  • Version: v1.1.0
Nice. and FREE
What a great plugin! Cant believe I haven't tried this until now.

I'm curious. You say this is built into Timeline 3.1? If so, to clarify, are you saying this functionality is available in Timeline without the need for this plugin as well? And if so, how is it implemented in Timeline?
Acid Bubbles
Acid Bubbles
It's going to be built in in Timeline 4. You'll be able to select a parent per controller, per animation as well as a weight. Then as animations blend, the parenting will also blend. So you can have an animation where the hand is holding the hip, and another where the hand is holding the waist, and they will blend smoothly.
Sorry dude, can you do a step by step example ? I'm lost.
Acid Bubbles
Acid Bubbles
1. Add Rubberleash to the atom you want to parent
2. Choose which controller (node) to parent (e.g. "headControl")
2. Choose which rigidbody you want to parent to / follow (e.g. "object" or "rHand")
3. Use the "Record current position", this will remember what the object's position is relative to the parent
4. Change the weight from zero (no parenting) to 100 (full parenting) to decide how strong you want the effect to be
If you need more information, join my Discord or create a forum post, I'll do my best to help!
Acid is always great !
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