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Are you a .var hoarder? Does VAM take several seconds to load any menu because you have 4000 .vars? Well do I have the solution for you!
VAR Manager allows you to quickly backup files that you don't want/need at the moment, making VAM much snappier to navigate.
Built with .NET 6.0.



  • Moves your .var files between active VAM Addonpackages folder and a specified backup location.
  • Has various functions to move specific files including:
    • Move All Unreferenced .vars
      • Scans files for dependencies, does not move any files that are referenced in any .var
    • Move All Unreferenced .vars of Specific Types
      • Same as above, with additional filter to only move .vars containing specific type(s) of content
    • Move All .vars of Specific Types
      • Same as above, but without check for dependencies
    • Restore Needed .vars
      • Restore .vars from backup location that are referenced in VAM dependencies
    • Restore Specific .vars
      • Restore all .vars containing content of the specified type(s)
    • Restore All .vars
  • Filters available (default on) to EXCLUDE moving .vars from specified creators or folders within the AddonPackages folder.
  • Configuration of folders/filters is saved automatically for re-use when re-opening the app.
  • Takes a few seconds to do operations depending on how many .vars you have, though still faster than VAM loading up.
  • Ability to save/restore var configurations to quickly move hundreds of vars
  • Function to disable preloadMorphs on all packages.
  • Skip Favorites to skip backing up any vars with Favorites set
  • Date Filter to only backup older vars.
  • Undo: Saves last config before each operation, quickly undo changes with Undo button.
  • DOES NOT modify/extract .var files in any way.
  • I want to create a new look but don't want VAM to be slow while I am navigating skins/textures/morphs.
    • Option 1: Backup all unreferenced .vars
    • Option 2: Backup all .vars containing scenes, restore all .vars containing Skins/Textures/Morphs/Plugins etc.
  • I want to build some clothing presets but I don't want VAM to be slow.
    • Step 1: Backup Unreferenced .vars
    • Step 2: Restore all Clothing-type .vars
  • I want to try out an amazing new scene from SlamT but I don't want VAM to be slow.
    • Backup all unreferenced .vars with exception of creator = SlamT
  • I grabbed some new .vars from the HUB/wherever but now I have some reference errors.
    • Step 1: Restore All Referenced vars from backup location (to check if you already have them).
    • Step 2: Use VAM to download additional missing vars.
  • I want to keep my current var config but want to temporarily restore all clothing!
    • Step 1: Save var Config file (which can be later restored).
    • Step 2: Restore all clothing.
  • I have 23 copies of Eye Reflections (REN)!
    • Use Duplicate Item Resolver to hide the duplicates
  • Function is to automatically hide all duplicate items (clothing/hair) in your VAM configuration, leaving only 1 "master" item active.
  • Creates the .hide file in your AddonPackagesFilePrefs folder
  • Writes a log of actions to a text file when completed
  • DOES NOT modify/extract .var files in any way.

Morph Preset Maker

  • Quickly create and save Morph Presets from one or more selected vars
  • Lists all vars with morphs and shows the number of morphs in each var
  • Filter to show only vars with default preload morphs on the package
  • Filter to sort vars by number of morphs
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Latest updates

  1. Reworked Specific-Type selection, added AND/OR/NOT for each type. Added filter for hidden items.

    Reworked Specific-Type selection, added AND/OR/NOT for each type. OR = includes any files that...
  2. Added support for unpacked vars, added Undo/Restore Last Config, Added var Date Filter option

    Added support for unpacked vars Updated every function to support unpacked vars, including; All...
  3. Rebuilt Restore All Referenced vars function, added Skip Favorites option for backup procedures.

    Rebuilt Restore All Referenced vars functions: Much faster now, doesn't scan all files on each...

Latest reviews

Great program, but requesting to please add a feature to work with unzipped var folders (folders named with the ending .var) if that is possible
Thanks, request completed!
Thanks for adding skip favorites, it was very much needed.
Looking good!!

I would also like/suggest an option for:
1. Not moving any files marked as favorites
2. Only move files before a certain date, so that the newest/latest unreferenced files are not moved out.
Thanks! These are both good ideas. Wil consider adding them on the next update.
It has a potential to be an awesome VAR manager when it reaches it's final form.
For me, here are 3 changes that would make this tool worth earning 5 stars:

1. The tool should never touch / delete / move files from the VAR Storage / backup folder. It should use symbolic links instead, of at least give us an option to use them instead of moving actual files.

2. Moving VAR files from VAR backup folder to main VAM folder takes ages if those 2 folders are located on different drives. Symbolic links is the solution.

3. Add the feature to scan ONLY Saves/Appearance|Scenes and Custom/Atom/Person/Appearance folders for dependencies, and if they are found in the VAR backup folder, create symbolic links to missing VARS in VAM/AddonPackages folder. I know there is an option that is supposed to do it, but I can't get it to work correctly. The competitor, VarManager by FeelFar, has this option, but it finds way too many references, making VAR to work much slower.

I am very curious if this tool is going to become No.1 VAR Manager on the market. We'll see ;)
Awesome job! Thanks for helping!
This is really well done. Big thanks for building it. It must have been a lot of work.
This is really helps with quality of life.

Im a little stupid so thanks for the Use Cases on exactly how to do things.

More detailed examples are always apreciated.

My UseCase would be:
I grabbed some new scenes from the hub and want to check them out without a slow vam?

Thanks in Advance
That is a difficult use case, especially if you don't have any sub-folders in your VAM AddonPackages folder. When you download something from hub within VAM it goes into the AddonPackages root folder. You would have to create some sub-folders and move older files before downloading the new scenes. I will think about this and update the post.
This is exactly what I've been waiting for!
My Hero! this is a big quality of life tool! Thank you
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