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Mountain Temple

Scenes Mountain Temple 2023-09-15

Scene with 4 locations that can be quickly accessed by clicking the UI buttons found by looking up just out of view. I plan on updating this with more lighting options and possibly alternate time of day/lut variations but I've been working on this long enough where I don't want to delay this first basic version any longer. There is a lot going on in the scene in terms of assets/lighting so this might not be ideal for animations or VR (I still have no way of testing VR).

By default the 2 main lights with sliders (IL Sun and IL Sun#2) are setup up identical at all 4 locations but if you go into the timeline plugin for each you can adjust their rotation/direction as desired for each location (you will have to stop the animation first) and as a result have separate sunlight/shadows for each location. It is the same two lights that get moved around so they are near the model when you spawn at each location.

There is a wind plugin in the scene in the wind atom but it is off by default. You can turn it on and adjust direction as needed as well (though this isn't setup with timeline so won't change per location).

Special thanks to @Jackaroo who's asset inspired this along with all the other creators who made this possible, @Tiseb @MacGruber , @BooMoon , @hazmhox , @NoStage3 , @Acid Bubbles , @Xstatic , @Norm , @everlaster , @Spacedog , @ClockwiseSilver , @wgsoup , @kmsktx , and @Matt Richard .

Model in some of the preview screenshots is Kara .

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  1. fixed texture paths

    fixed texture paths 🀞

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Really amazing scene. Thanks for uploading!
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Your resources are always top notch
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awsome scenery
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I've been needing this for a project! Thank you! Any other ancient Greek era stuff? :-)
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Beautiful asset!
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One of the best outdoor enviroments so far. Thank you!
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Amazing work!
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