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Plugins VAMTweaks

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VAMTweaks is a plugin dedicated to tweak VaM settings. At the moment, there are only shadow settings, but I prefered to use a broader name for the plugin if some new ideas pops up and might be interesting to add in this plugin.

At the moment, you'd only use it to tweak shadows, mostly shadow distance. But you can also influence two additional settings to improve (depending on your situation) the quality of directional light shadows.

The plugin as to be loaded either as a session plugin, or on an empty atom.

Do not forget that tweaking shadows can have an impact on performances. I would recommend to dedicate a plugin like this more in virtual photography situation. But it does not prevent you to use it in a realtime / VR experience tho.


Left, native VaM shadow settings. You can see a tiny bit the shadow, but if the room was deeper, you'd have zero visible shadow.
Right, shadows modified with VAMTweaks on spotlights.

Click on the pictures to zoom.

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Latest reviews

Thank you very much for your work!
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Just what I was looking for. Thank you.
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Here I am, struggling to get shadows in my screenshots, and yet this existed all along.

There's a lot of godlike plugins for VaM, across multiple devs, but I think hazmhox takes the cake for having the most under one author lol.
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brillliant—thank you!!
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OMG my dude, I've always wanted better shadowing and here comes the VAM genius hazmhox to the rescue - this is perfect. Thank you!!
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Another great plugin! Thanks for sharing.
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Very excited to use the crap out of this! Anything from Hazmhox is an instant download/must have.
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I can finally properly light larger environments thanks to this. Excellent!
Can't wait to see your shots as usual : D
Thank you for the review Dam!
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New plugin from Hazmhox? instant download.
<3 Thanks Ballard!
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Finally someone made this plugin. Hail to the king!
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