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Food 101 is a collection of food assets.
There is not much to say about these : D

A plugin is included to enable continuous collisions on the assets to allow you to make them interactable and throwable without them going through the floor, ceiling, walls or other objects.

You can find a demo showing a use case in HZMDemos.


Some assets CC-BY 4.0 from, including work from : JChing, Fracesco Coldesina, Loic Norgeot, Rigsters, Elen, Meerschaum Digital, Rakshaan, AKStudio, Kisielev Mikhail, Azamuki, Rosnandie Yikie, Ole Gunnar Isager, MCemplesd3D, mrTorch, George, unseeliefae, Yana8601
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Latest reviews

always need food assets
Absolutely perfect! The food is so cute, but the details are what make it special - the steam coming from each coffee cup adds a level of realism that I wasn't expecting! :D Perfection as always, Hazmhox! :)
this is what I needed. Thanks very much hazmhox!
I love food.
Finally I can fulfill some taboo in-bread fantasies
Thank you for the review Doctor!
These assets are instant additions to normalize a scene. I would give 5 stars if the coffee and tea cups had a plate-less option. They are the best assets and I would pose so many pics with these little steamy bois if they didnt include a floating plate. They strawberries look scrumptious. Perfect for whip as someone else reviewed
You're right! I'm on several projects and did not thought about this aspect of the posing.

If you're new with my work and how I interact with all of you here, don't hesitate to come by the discussion and suggest stuff instead of influencing your review. I always listen to people and find solutions if I can to improve my content.

Some cups can be updated this way, other won't (they are a single model).
Thank you for your review maskedman! I'll update the package soon :)
If somebody manages to make the bread loaf insertable please share your collider edit preset, I'm begging you. ;)
Can you shoot the one you're talking about ? I can improve colliders.
For the time being, the banana is done properly to be eaten from different... places :'D
Thank you for the review!
Hmm strawberrys with... whipped cream
Now I need to do a whipped cream addon right ? x']
(that's gonna be impossible haha)
The Tastiest add on!
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