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Assets Skyboxes 2022-07-27

Spacedog Toronto.jpg

Gorgeous panoramic views suitable for windows, rooftops, penthouses, balconies, tree houses, decking, pools and more.

Major Cities include:

New York
Los Angeles
San Francisco
Hong Kong
Kuala Lumpur
Las Vegas

Exotic locations


Nature Scenes

Costa Rica

And much more!

This skybox collection is focused mainly on realistic positioning, meaning the shots are taken from a position a VAM scene might realistically be located. The idea is that you should be able to take a VAM room and put in one of these skyboxes and instantly get realistic views that enhance immersion. I have taken particular care that there are no foreground objects that would break the perspective illusion, so you should be able to look out of any window and see great views. You can of course rotate the skybox to get the best shot for your scene.

Included is a Viewing Platform scene for your Skybox browsing pleasure. This should help give an idea of how the skyboxes would look in a scene while at the same time giving full panoramic views.

Special thank you to @VamBlaster for his excellent skybox building guide which I used to make this asset.

The skyboxes are from Google Maps so they are released under a non-commercial licence.

Small note for the pedantic: I made a mistake naming "Malaysia Islands" since apparently I can't read a map, the location is actually close by near Phuket in Thailand. : )
  • Spacedog Thailand.jpg
    Spacedog Thailand.jpg
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  • Spacedog Hong Kong.jpg
    Spacedog Hong Kong.jpg
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  • Spacedog hanging girl.jpg
    Spacedog hanging girl.jpg
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  • Spacedog Monaco.jpg
    Spacedog Monaco.jpg
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  • Spacedog Ski Lodge.jpg
    Spacedog Ski Lodge.jpg
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  • Spacedog Malaysia Islands.jpg
    Spacedog Malaysia Islands.jpg
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Last update
5.00 star(s) 20 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Tweaks and fixes

    AI upscale some of the lower res images to make the set more consistent. Clean up some weird...

Latest reviews

Way better than the built-in skyboxes. Refer to discussion for instructions on using if you are new to VaM.
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WOW. it's amazing! I have a reuest: Las Vegas but Night version.
I must have it xD
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wow this is nice
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A simply wonderful collection. A must have.
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Thank You!!
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love it !
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Great job on this!
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This is now an essential tool for all my scenes, I love it! I've been waiting for some decent skyboxes but these are out of the park! Really awesome job. Would love to see a desert one though :)
I looked everywhere for a desert one but I couldn't find a good without people and vehicles in. If I find one it will go in part 2 : )
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This is soo cool! Love it. Looks really great. If you every do some additions: I'm up for some more night-time skyboxes!
Thank you! Absolutely more night skyboxes would be great, the difficulty is finding good enough quality ones. I have loads but all too often with drone shots you get weird grainy skies that are hard to fix. I will keep hunting though, and if you spot any good ones feel free to send them my way : )
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Awesome, simply Awesome.
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