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electric pleasure 4 violetta

Scenes electric pleasure 4 violetta 2

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8 moving poses(see earlier resource for pose pics) with 4 transitions and audio-driven facial expressions - trying to add a bit of facial character to audio-driven scenes. auto-dildo/ball with transparency slider for gapes/winks.

Thanks to:
r267swe with Violetta

and for earlier models:
KevinBurinn with Virani
Damarmau with Jessica Jessica

n00rp for lighting rigs
CuteSvetlana with skyboxes

and others listed in the dependencies, meshedvr for creating such a cool unity tool and community for tutorial posts, videos and help.


After scene loads, press 'stop/reset' and then choose your speed and whichever options you like. If you find a combination you like, press 'stop/reset' and save your scene.

This go round in addition to Violetta, have added 4 lighting settings, a background music track(turn off if not to liking), new voice and skybox.

Dependency notes/links below.

Hub-Hosted links:
JayC_Re-animator.Hair_Curly_Bob included with VAM
JayJayWon.OrificeAligner.2 (for auto-dildo)
MacGruber.Life.10 (for breathing morphs/animation)

gaze - toggle auto-gaze off/on
music - toggle on/off, volume

lights - 4 different settings with 2 settings creating a listed fps/performance drop

breasts/bum - sliders for size
hip speed - amount of forward/back hip swing/rotation
pelvisForce - amount of back/forth pelvis force

* the toggle for this and associated controls are colored pinkish
* toggle on and pick an orifice
- spring - how floppy/stiff the dildo is
- force - the amount of forward/back motion
- start distance - distance away from or into the orifice
- period - how quick/slow the rhythm
- random - auto-randomly change the period for more natural variety
- period ratio - ratio of motion spent forward/back
- alpha/transparency - how transparent the auto-dildo/ball is
- scale - size of auto-dildo/ball

for gapes/winks(set alpha at min or close to min) I also added a ball object which can be swapped for the auto-dildo by clicking 'ball' or clicking on 'dildo' to get the dildo back

- if the physics go start going crazy or the dildo disappears, try toggling the dildo off/on to reset. Also generally better if switching orifices to set start distance to max so less chance of wild collisions. Keep earlier saves to reset the physics if they get wonky as saving with wonky physics seems to reload the same.
- if trying to get into an orifice, but keep missing it, try setting spring to max, start distance and force to min and gradually increasing start distance so dildo pops out backward from the orifice and go from there
- if the model jaw gets stuck open or partially open, click 'stop' to reset the jaw shut
- in the editor, you could add any other object similar to how the ball is activated - when swapping in the ball I leave the dildo in place to receive cycleforce but turn off collision and alpha/transparency to 0/clear
- the random hip rotation is active in all poses except #6&7 where it twisted/bounced too much so I trigger it off when those poses are selected. In the other poses you can dial up/down the hip rotation with the hip speed slider.

Using your own sound files:

I have the mp3 files associated like x1_1(slow),x1_2(easy),x1_3(hard),x2_1(cum) listed in the var under custom/sounds/thx1138. A .var file is a zip file format, so use a zip tool to swap in your own sound files using the same file names if wanted. The background music loop 'E200820.mp3' can also be swapped with any mp3 file renamed/replaced the same.

The file is on the large side mainly due to the skybox being in a large assetbundle and I'm still working to get the correct version of unity to break these down to smaller used parts within the provided bundle.

Further ideas or features requested welcomed in the discussion thread or private message! Thanks!
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