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VaM 2020-09-13 23-09-08.png

I have a gift within a gift 💕

Let me explain,
here is the look of Virani, which means queen in elvish language.

VaM 2020-09-13 23-08-08.png
But it's not just her!

I also share with you my morphs which are actually morph mergers.
You can therefore also do a "Fast" mix and have this as a result:

VaM 2020-09-14 21-31-30.png

VaM 2020-09-14 21-31-16.png

VaM 2020-09-14 21-31-05.png

I made the morphs change part of the body (there aren't 50, but it's a start :p )
So there is :
- The head
- The breasts
- The body (I started here, so it also changes the breasts sorry)
- the private parts

Capture d’écran 2020-09-14 211808.jpg

Required :

Hair - Side Bob 2

Texture of model from Sapuzex

EyeBall Shadow from Hunting-succubus

Life 10 from MacGruber

PostMagic from MacGruber

Special thanks :

- Thanks to Damarmau for allowing me to use Linn's head as a morph
- Thanks to Project Canyon with plugin Morph Merger

Note :
I'm really sorry the package automatically adds the hair: "NoStage3.Hair_Long_Upswept_Top_Bun" While not using them, I deleted the scene to create it again and I have the same problem ...
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I can't get the texture from there's a dead link, any suggestion?

She's amazing!
Thank you for your feedback and sorry for the response time ...
I did an update, tell me if it's all good for you? in private or here in Discussion chanel.
love elfs
Really Nice. Impressed with render. Loved that shine. remind me of HDR
Just an amazing look. I could stare at her all day.
Stunning! thank you <3
Wow, I'm impressed!
thank you
Ok.... i'm in love....
Beautiful look, and the morph bundle that comes with it is a treat!
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