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Virani (elf)

Looks Virani (elf) 2

VaM 2020-09-13 23-09-08.png

I have a gift within a gift 💕

Let me explain,
here is the look of Virani, which means queen in elvish language.

VaM 2020-09-13 23-08-08.png
But it's not just her!

I also share with you my morphs which are actually morph mergers.
You can therefore also do a "Fast" mix and have this as a result:

VaM 2020-09-14 21-31-30.png

VaM 2020-09-14 21-31-16.png

VaM 2020-09-14 21-31-05.png

I made the morphs change part of the body (there aren't 50, but it's a start :p )
So there is :
- The head
- The breasts
- The body (I started here, so it also changes the breasts sorry)
- the private parts

Capture d’écran 2020-09-14 211808.jpg

Required :

Hair - Side Bob 2

Texture of model from Sapuzex

EyeBall Shadow from Hunting-succubus

Life 10 from MacGruber

PostMagic from MacGruber

Special thanks :

- Thanks to Damarmau for allowing me to use Linn's head as a morph
- Thanks to Project Canyon with plugin Morph Merger

Note :
I'm really sorry the package automatically adds the hair: "NoStage3.Hair_Long_Upswept_Top_Bun" While not using them, I deleted the scene to create it again and I have the same problem ...
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    My first share of look, enjoy :)

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Wow, I'm impressed!
thank you
Ok.... i'm in love....
Beautiful look, and the morph bundle that comes with it is a treat!
Very nice! She looks lovely in skinny jeans (dat ass) !
Glad you like it :p
Nice job
Amazing look! Thank you! Any tips on the sliders for the second last screenshot
Very pretty!
Wow. Third resource and you drop something like that ? Really nice job.
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