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This is the VAR version of my RT_Lipsync plugin updated for VaM v1.20.0.7

RT LipSync is a real-time lip-syncing script for VaM. After attaching the plugin to a character, any speech playing through the character's head audio source will produce a lip-syncing animation.

After adding the "RT_LipSync.dll" plugin to a character, two plugins will appear in the plugin menu:

RT_LipSync: Controls the lipsyncing performance. Tweak settings based on your preference

RT_LipSync_Player (optional): Manually play your audio clips individually or at random intervals. To use this, either unpack the package and store audio files in the folder:


Or, leave the package packed and create a directory in:


and store audio files there. After refreshing the plugin, the audio files should show up in the dropdown menu.

If you would like to donate, here are some crypto wallets:

(BTC) 1LfAQ42twxqCerUnQ4rg4tRjN9Vn4RgpfS
(LTC) LMgDUMLoZQsHhvMSf5JYjpA2E5aijgGukn

Much appreciated!​
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  1. 2.2e

    Direct link to VAR file.

Latest reviews

I love using this plugin to bring life into a scene. Although it does require audio setup outside of the plugin to get it running on buttons or triggers it is still worth the effort in my opinion.
This is amazing! And it's really easy to use.

To other reviewers about playing automatically: You use triggers to play audio through the person's headControl node. The RT_LipSync plugin should automatically pick it up and work. You don't need to use the Player plugin and don't even have to enable it.

That being said, I used to have problems where it wouldn't work automatically. Not sure if an update fixed it or something, but it works all the time now.
Amaze-balls! This plugin is awesome. Great work man
It is so awesome to have this in VAM when current AAA games that cost $100 million in development do not even move the lips of random NPCs who talk to you in passing. Thank you!
This is awesome, Also what's the look you are using? Shes goregous!
Fantastic! If the "Play" actions would be exposed for triggers it would be perfect
Very entertaining!!
Fantastic! Works really well. But there will always room for improvement!
works very well, configurable too.
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