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Plugins ActionGrouper 1.10

Action Grouper allows multiple simultaneous VAM or plugin actions to be specified and conditionally triggered. The actions can be executed from any Trigger Action, such as the Collision triggers or Animation Step triggers. It provides similar functionality to the Trigger Action UI that is built into VAM, but has a number of advantageous features:
  • Groups of actions can be triggered WHEN ever a boolean condition defined in VUML occurs
  • Action Groups can be triggered by voice.
  • A boolean IF condition can be applied at the point a group of actions is trigger (ie. via the UI or as a result of a VUML When condition)
  • Each action within a group can be assigned a probability to execute
  • One group of actions can be defined and then called from multiple different VAM triggers
  • Groups of actions can be copied in bulk between Action Groupers
  • The Atom value can be bulk changed across a group of Actions (e.g. change all actions in a group from Person1 to Person2)
  • The specific order in which actions are executed can be configured
  • A group of actions can be triggered on scene load
  • For Person atoms, an additional filter "Receiver Group" organises the long list of Person options available
  • Multiple action types with Presets and Clothing items, including:
    • Merge Load Clothing Presets
    • Reset Sim on all clothing items (or just those in a clothing preset)
    • Enable or Disable Undress for all clothing items (or just those in a clothing preset)
    • Accessible under Person>Other>Load Look/Pose/Preset and Person>Other>Dress/Undress Clothing
  • VAM parameters/variables (i.e. Atom>Receiver>Target) that are of a boolean, string or float type can be set to a variable calculated dynamically by VUML. For example, you could dynamically set the physics values of a node depending on how far apart two nodes are.
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Latest updates

  1. ActionGrouper v1.10

    Resolved a bug that caused error messages on loading. This notably had an impact on load times...
  2. ActionGrouper v1.9 Update

    Fixes problems with the Speech Triggers that were introduced in previous version 1.8
  3. ActionGrouper v1.8 Update

    Improvements to saving and restoring - allows ActionGrouper to work with Plugin Presets etc.

Latest reviews

Great Plugin!
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Take the time to learn how to use this and it opens a new world of possibilities
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exactly what I needed! I can now globally trigger all clothing to undress/redress in Timeline. Brilliant JayJayWon!!!
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It took me a while to dig in, but this together with VUML is part of the super essential VAM toolkit. Many thanks for this!!!
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Must have for VAM tinkerers, especially useful with VUML!
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Thanks for much.
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