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VUML is a plugin by JayJayWon designed to provide basic logic flow and calculations that can be setup within the VAM virtual space. Combined with the latest ActionGrouper plugin (also by JayJayWon) it allows creators to trigger actions based on a combination of states and conditions without having to code their own C# Unity plugins. VUML allows the user to create any number of Boolean, float or string variables the values of which can be static or derived/calculated from a combination of other variables. Features include:
  • Boolean conditions e.g. AND, OR, NOT etc
  • Float and sting comparison e.g. less than, more than, equal to etc
  • Look At (e.g. Is the user looking at Person B's hand)
  • Collision (e.g. Is Peron A's hand touching Person B's lips)
  • Basic Maths functions e.g. plus, minus, multiplication, min, max etc
  • Advanced Maths features including trigonometric, hyperbolic and logarithmic functions (see definitions here).
  • Distance between two nodes (which can then be combined with a float comparison to trigger an action when the distance exceeds a threshold)
  • Timers and counters
  • Option to dynamically reference other VUML variables for VUML string variables (see here).
With the latest Action Grouper these variables can be used to either trigger actions on the basis of multiple conditions or set the value of VAM attributes to VUML calculated values. For example this could be used to:
  • Trigger an animation pattern or sound when a combination of conditions occur (e.g. hand touches a lip AND you are looking at the person OR the distance between two atoms is less than a threshold)
  • Set the intensity of a light dynamically proportional to its distance from an atom
A high level usage guide can be found here: https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/vuml.80/version/6385/download?file=33934

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Latest updates

  1. VUML v1.9 License change

    Modified the licensing to CC BY-SA. No other changes
  2. VUML v1.9 Update

    Fix for a vBOOL Collision variables to allow lNippleTrigger and rNippleTrigger as collision points.
  3. VUML v1.8 Update

    Fixes for a range of problems with the vBOOL Collision variables. Boolean logic based on...

Latest reviews

Great Plugin. Thank you for it! But one thing. If it possible to make a filter Field for the Values? Its not that easy to search for Morphs without a filter. Thanks.
I'll make a note, but I'm not actively developing this plugin.
Upvote 1
Thank you for making changes to their licensing, which will definitely make it easier for people to use them to create more interesting scenes.
Upvote 0
Love this Plugin!
Upvote 0
Take the time to learn how to use this and it opens a new world of possibilities
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It took me a while to dig in, but this together with ActionGrouper is part of the super essential VAM toolkit. Many thanks for this!!!
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And finally, i had the time to check this plugin well.

As others had said, THIS PLUGIN, together with ActionGrouper, IS A MUST-HAVE if you want to do nice things without actually coding a script.

Great work JayJay! ;)
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greatly expands VAM's capabilities, pairs exceptionally well with Action Grouper, and now can be saved in presets and subscenes
Upvote 0
Been using it for a while, together with Action Grouper it's excellent - extremely useful for just about anything.
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good job.
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Going to be extremely helpful for those wanting to take scenes and interactions to the next level.
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