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Plugins VUML 1.9

Modified the licensing to CC BY-SA.
No other changes
Fix for a vBOOL Collision variables to allow lNippleTrigger and rNippleTrigger as collision points.
Fixes for a range of problems with the vBOOL Collision variables. Boolean logic based on collision with specific atoms, controllers and nodes should now work reliably.
Improvements to saving and restoring - allows VUML to work with Plugin Presets etc.
Two minor bug fixes:
  • When loading VUML variables, any other plugins that are hooked into that VUML instance don't reflect any changes in the variables.
  • When scoping a VUML variable from another VUML instance, it doesn't show the first variable in the series
Thanks to darklordofmeep for reporting.
Adding the VUML Usage Guide text file
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