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electric pleasure 2 jessica

Scenes electric pleasure 2 jessica 8

3 moving poses with 4 transitions and audio-driven facial expressions - trying to add a bit of facial character to audio-driven scenes. thanks to Damarmau.Jessica.2 for the model(great stuff!), others listed in the dependencies, meshedvr for creating such a cool unity tool and community for tutorial posts, videos and help. Added a few VAM-included models to choose from and a 'stop' button to halt audio, movement and animations(press 'stop' also prior to saving a scene).

Dependency notes/links below.

Note if getting too much hip rotation, resulting in the model getting too jerky, you can go to the Person->Plugins and disable plugins#10&11 for animhip and rndhip, hit stop to bring everything to rest and start the transitions again and it should be more like intended.

Note also to initially after scene has loaded, to start with the 'stop' button to correct any issue with the jaw swinging open and not closing back correctly and then 'slow' button to activate the animations, I'll fix this in later versions, still learning VAM as I go along. Further notes below about using your own sound files. See updates for notes on the auto-dildo.

Hope you like and thanks for the likes!




Hub-Hosted links:
JayC_Re-animator.Hair_Curly_Bob this should be included with MeshedVR assets
JayJayWon.OrificeAligner.2 (for auto-dildo)
MacGruber.Life.10 (for breathing morphs/animation)

Using your own sound files:

I have the 4 sound mp3 files associated x2_1(slow),x2_2(easy),x2_3(hard),x2_4(cum) listed in the var under custom/sounds/thx1138. A .var file is a zip file format, so use a zip tool to swap in your own sound files using the same file names if wanted. I'm working to add more functionality to allow easier switching between several sound sets for more variety.

Planned updates/development:
Added poses,skins
Added sound(moan) sets

With a number of settable parameters ui button/sliders/toggles upcoming, I think the easiest thing to do for now would be to save these as various labeled scenes the user can go back to(or share) after set to their liking.

Further ideas or features requested welcomed in the discussion thread or private message! Thanks!
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Latest updates

  1. too much hip action

    Note if getting too much hip rotation, resulting in the model getting too jerky, you can go to...
  2. trial upload to fix missing auto-dependencies list

    trial upload to fix missing auto-dependencies list
  3. trial fix for missing pose/appearance files

    This latest var(version 8) should allow VAM to find the pose/appearance files included in the...
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