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electric pleasure 2 jessica

Scenes electric pleasure 2 jessica 8

Note if getting too much hip rotation, resulting in the model getting too jerky, you can go to the Person->Plugins and disable plugins#10&11 for animhip and rndhip, hit stop to bring everything to rest and start the transitions again and it should be more like intended.
trial upload to fix missing auto-dependencies list
This latest var(version 8) should allow VAM to find the pose/appearance files included in the var file.
added several things in this update:

- breathing animation courtesy of the chest/stomach morphs in MacGruber.Life.10
- random/natural timing on eye closing animation so not so periodic
- hip forward/back animation+random/natural timing
- menus moved to the side so can be referenced regardless of player position near model
- breasts/bum slider for size adjustment
- pelvisForce slider to manually set pelvis cycleForce

- auto dildo courtesy of JayJayWon.OrificeAligner.2
* the toggle for this and associated controls are colored pinkish
* toggle on and pick an orifice
- spring - how floppy or stiff the dildo is
- force - the amount of forward/back motion
- start distance - distance away from or into the orifice
- period - how quick or slow the rhythm
- period ration - ratio of motion spent forward/back

- if the physics go start going crazy or the dildo disappears, try toggling the dildo off/on to reset. Also generally better if switching orifices to set start distance to max so less chance of wild collisions.
- if trying to get into an orifice, but keep missing it, try setting spring to max, start distance and force to min and gradually increasing start distance so dildo pops out backward from the orifice and go from there
- if the model jaw gets stuck open or partially open, click 'stop' to reset the jaw shut
- in the editor, you could swap in any other object and parent/link it to the cycleforce and orificehelper plugin - in an update I'll create an empty parent object container to make it easier to swap in other objects without breaking the cycleforce,orificehelper and uibutton bindings

I wish the oral sim was better and glad for tips on how to fix(I'll look at other content/threads to see what others have done), currently looks more like someone in a wind tunnel with gums flapping than properly formed lips for a BJ.

Will be working to add more sound packs(voices) next and probably add a new model from our talented community with it.

Nothing new in this update, auto-dependency list stopped listing hub-hosted vars and trying to get those links back up.
fixed pose2 should be present with this update, pose file got misnamed in last upload
added Dragontales.RealGaze.1 and LFE.ExtraAutoGenitals0.2 for additional realism
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