Darla + Scene Hair Styles Reloaded

Hairstyles Darla + Scene Hair Styles Reloaded 2020-08-01

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This is a pack of 12 different hairstyles (plus a few bang variations) which are complete overhauls made from scratch in VR from previous hairstyles. Much better designs, physics, gender, and VR compatibility than before!

The high ponytail for the Darla series can be adjusted just the same as the Kunoichi ponytails, the curl sliders are quite flexible to change the shape. Both genders included and tested, and all curl density and hair multiplier settings have been reduced until I was able to maintain a good framerate in VR... so hopefully it should work smoothly for all of you. If you want everything to look higher quality, just increase those top two physics sliders.
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  1. Free Release

    These styles are now free for everyone.

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How could i miss this incredible Work!
So many awesome ones all together! How does a person even choose?!?
Amazing hair styles! Also great preview picture.
Thank you! Trying new styles of pictures for the previews... I thought displaying all of the hairs is better than a random bunch of poses.
looking so good
Stop looking in the mirror so much!
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