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Vala'amah Moxalabellatrix (Moxie), Imp-Cherub of the Second Circle of Hell

Looks Vala'amah Moxalabellatrix (Moxie), Imp-Cherub of the Second Circle of Hell

NOTE: Instructions re: physics explosions below. Please read before messing with this bitch (ahem) of a model.​
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Vala'amah Moxalabellatrix
Greater Vice-Imp of the Second Circle of Hell, Servitress of the Lady Kasadya, and eighth daughter of Azazel

But please just call her "Moxie," a nickname to befit her stature. And attitude.

Desktop Screenshot 2024.02.06 -

Desktop Screenshot 2024.02.06 -
Desktop Screenshot 2024.02.05 -

She was a greater demon - that is, until about a thousand years ago, when the complaints from the other succubi about how much of an unholy selfish bitch she was (hogging all the mortal souls in the region) spurred the Archdemoness of the Circle - Lady Kasadya - to strip her of her title and demote her. Horns, wings, limbs, and all.

Now Moxie just serves Her Lady in Logistics, a boring underworld office job where she helps to pinpoint suitable "suitors" for all the other demonesses... basically, she's Hell's Cupid, and looks the role.

Moxie kept her glorious tits and ass, of course, with the ridiculous proportions reminding her every day of the sway she once held in Hell, when she had a "client-facing" position. Oh, what she would do to taste a bit of human soul again! To seduce you, and consume you, and hear you moan in agony as she asks about your car's extended warranty! How she longs for her penitence to be over, so she can grow her horns out again and reclimb the ladder of demonic prestige...

But the centuries of dreary desperation have taught her humility, with her noxious bitchiness maturing nicely into pure thirsty sass.

And maybe, just maybe, if you throw her a bone, she'll be full of snark and attitude about it... but she'll also feel a little spark of gratitude, for the first time, in her caustic black demon heart.

Desktop Screenshot 2024.02.03 -

Moxie has a custom sculpt and a modified version of my Elithia skin, with new nips and other details. Two color variants, including appearance presets.
Her features include dimples, demonic teeth and jaws, a cute little buddha belly and the best FUPA I could muster. She's got custom morphs for her lower lip for her smile, and a few custom genital morphs (crotch crevices, fat/wide labia).

Desktop Screenshot 2024.02.06 -
Screenshot 2024-02-06 100620.png1707177450207.png1707159320593.png

And, the best thing you can ask for in an inadvisable hookup: Desperation.

Desktop Screenshot 2024.02.24 -

I recommend using BlazeDust's CUA Manager plugin to load the preset for her wings in any new scenes.
She comes with presets for appearance, ColliderEditor, and CUA Manager (for her wings).

Note that you can also make a preset of the wings' cycle force to add to her wings in your own scenes, to make them flutter.

Desktop Screenshot 2024.02.06 -

If you do make your own scene with Moxie, be aware that her stature has a HIGH RISK of causing explosions, even in normal poses - it'll happen, I promise. Her glute colliders get shoved way out of position by the morph and flip out, which is bad enough, but it also usually starts a chain reaction that leads to full body explosion. Then her whole collider set gets messed up and stops fitting inside her body, and VAM seems to forget how to "do colliders" entirely.

I don't understand how this happens or why the glutes misbehave (they are... ahem... "bad ass"? sorry), but here is my process - developed after days of frustration - for dealing with it:
  • Save your scene often, and rotate more than one scene save file. Sometimes nothing will fix it except for a hard reset; and I suspect whatever changes happen to the body and colliders can persist in save files (not confirmed).
  • Save your pose preset frequently too. This is perhaps even more useful. Not sure that it makes a difference, but make sure the "include bones" box is checked.
  • Don't forget to add Collider Editor, and load her preset. The preset I made for Moxie (2+ hours of collider tweaking) is in the VAR under Saves\PluginData\ColliderEditor.
When she inevitably starts janking or exploding, here's how I've fixed it:
  1. Turn off both Advanced Colliders and Colliders, and see if your model calms down and comes home. This usually works. Turning them on again? Eeeeh...
  2. Reload your most recent Pose Preset (you WERE saving them frequently, right?!). This step sometimes fixes it, sometimes makes no difference.
  3. Turn back on Colliders, and then Advanced Colliders, in that order. This sometimes puts the colliders back the way they're supposed to be, fitting inside her mesh properly. Or, as soon as you turn Advanced Colliders on again, she explodes again.
  4. If turning off colliders, reloading the pose, and turning colliders on still doesn't work, then: Hard Reset VAM, and try again. VAM will remember how colliders are supposed to work. I ended up with stable scenes with no explosions, even with "collision-heavy" animations (stay tuned for that next!), so it can be done.
Good luck, let me know how it goes!

Desktop Screenshot 2024.02.05 -

Extra thanks to Jackaroo for the cute horns, WeebU for the wings, and Noc_This for the hair!
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