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Elithia, Demigoddess of Classical Mediterrania

Looks Elithia, Demigoddess of Classical Mediterrania

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Elithia is the half-nymph daughter of King Cyril, sister of Prince Philip, and future wife of Queen Acantha, Eos of the Kingdom of Aegina.

Elithia's skin is dark for ancient Greece - perhaps she has some Egyptian heritage? Or maybe it's all from her mother, a desert spirit, a nymph of the air. But from her mother also came her gifts - immortality, power over the air and fire itself, and the ability to discern truth and speak it untempered.

For this last trait, she is also known as Kagona, Teller of Lies... and her enemies are many, because every time she tells a truth among humans, it brings fear, anger, and retribution. Thus has her life been rife with conflict, loss, and bitterness.

Due to her immortal ancestry, she is an ageless being, nearing forty years of age at the time of her wedding but destined to remain youthful forever.

Lore is by Lily Kindall, an author of paranormal romance stories - check her out!

Desktop Screenshot 2023.12.05 -

Desktop Screenshot 2023.12.05 -

Elithia has a custom, original 8K texture set, and a full custom morph sculpt (well, minus gens). Click to enlarge to see the details!
Desktop Screenshot 2023.12.05 -
Desktop Screenshot 2023.12.05 -

Desktop Screenshot 2023.12.05 -
Desktop Screenshot 2023.12.05 -

Desktop Screenshot 2023.12.05 -
Desktop Screenshot 2023.12.05 -

Thanks to Ramsess for the hairdo, Yeesinyu and Nayris for the sandals and peplos (dress), Damarmau for the temple environment, expression morphs by AshAuryn, Jackaroo, and Ascorad. A few touch-up or genital morphs from TenStrip, Kemenate, and AWWalker.
Pretty much everything else is from dependencies for the temple environment, so a 2nd hand credit to them too!
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