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  1. The Devil Made Me Do It Again!

    The Devil Made Me Do It Again!

    Most of the clothes used are by the wonderful creator WeebUVR, link below.
  2. The Devil Made Me Do It!

    The Devil Made Me Do It!

    TBH she could probably persuade me to do anything!
  3. Syrinxo

    Looks Sefa Kehk, Goblin Warrior 1

    You've met Akasha, the nobility of the tribe - now meet one of its mighty warriors, Sefa! Custom Blender-sculpted, fine aged morph and an artisanal crafted original skin, wrought from the dual essences of high fantasy and primal instinct: Sefa Khnek: Deadly warrior, voracious skank. If she's...
  4. Sivel

    Looks Sergal v1

    Currently available in Early Access on my Patreon! You'll need CUAManager by Blazedust to transfer the tail to other scenes: CREDITS Mick Ono / Mick39 (Sergal creator)...
  5. Syrinxo

    Looks Akasha, Goblin Warqueen! 2

    Meet Akasha Darugha, the Goblin Warqueen! She's got a custom morph sculpted in Blender (my second custom sculpt ever), and she has an all-original skin as well. Included: Akasha's appearance preset, and seven genital morphs (Akasha, Normal, Coinslot, Puffy, BigClit, and a few variations) to...
  6. Sivel

    Looks Shark Gals v1

    The tails have some rudimentary physics included in the Asset Bundle, along with a textureless version you can colorize manually. No hair/clothing items are included as their just for show! You won't need to download any dependencies. Currently in early access on my Patreon...
  7. VRDollz

    Paid Looks Layla MonsterDoll & Studio Scene with mocap dance 1

    💎 Unwrap and meet your new girl Layla, she is a perky & fun EGirl MonsterDoll! This sweet toothed cutie Candy Demon has a naughty nature with a taste for kinky times & you! 💎 Forever 19 yo 5'4" 32AA Pear shaped petite Bright pink eyes Short blue & pink hair 4K Blue skin with pink highlights...
  8. Barcoder

    Paid Looks Lilieth 1.1

    Her name is Lilieth, enjoy! ❤ Thank you to these incredible creators for making this look possible: Qing: Enhanced Eyes Roac: Hair Sharr: Clothing WeebU: Horns klphgz: Poses kemenate: Decals
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  15. S

    Looks Pyronica 1.0

    After a bit of tweaking, I've decided to go ahead and release this model and Weirdmageddon into the wild Special credit to Berker, whose Cyclops ultimately became the basis for Pyro's head. CUA manager is highly recommended for this model, not just for the horns, but if you want her to blink...
  16. OrpheanedCaptureVaM091.png


    Photo projet "OOT"
  17. Vonic

    Looks Lilith ( Succubus) 1.0

    this is Queen Lilith the Mother of Demons. From Hell to YOU. Attention: SHE BITES! this includes: Custom - Bodymorph Custom - Hair Custom - Texture Facemorph - by Ddaamm Assets - by Orpheaned and Batatis DON'T COME TO CLOSE I WARN YOU!!! Lilith based on Ddaamm's...
  18. VRDollz

    Paid Scenes Dance Scene 4 - Starring Darci MonsterDoll 1

    :devilish:🔥 Voice controlled mo-cap dance animation starring Darci MonsterDoll 🔥:devilish: 🔥 THE DANCE SCENE 🔥 Short dance animation loop in heels Darci MonsterDoll (reference only) Custom environment containing particles, rock asset & skybox Custom 4 point lighting & PostMagic Music & fire...
  19. TheOriginalBatatis

    Paid Looks This is Anqa – The Lava Kin Monster Girl 1

    This is Anqa – The Lava Kin Monster Girl One of the most enigmatic creatures inhabiting the peaks of volcanic tops and lava pools. Known for being territorial and quite aggressive towards trespassers. Though, they tend to take suiters from magically adept individuals who can withstand the...
  20. Berker

    Looks Frog Girls 1

    Two frog girls one based on a regular frog and the other on a red-eyed treefrog. They have separate head (2 different morphs), hands (shared), feet (2 different morphs) and body (shared) morphs that can be mixed and tuned according to your tastes.
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