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Layered 8kNip and Morphs  (Updated with realistic closed-up details)

Clothing Layered 8kNip and Morphs (Updated with realistic closed-up details) 3

Layered 8kNip Promo.jpg

Layered 8kNip V2 Promo.jpg
V2 Presets.jpg

Comparation to regular torso texture

How to increase arouse level

Creation Process:
Originally Model and Sculpt in Blender

Textured in Substance Painter

Baked the texture to G2F Nipple Low Poly

Imported as flat surface to work with custom morphs

  1. Update Detailed Normal map
  2. Update Detailed Diffuse map
  3. Update More presets
  4. Able to Remove Nipple Ring
  5. Able to Add Studs

  1. Enhanced 8K details even on ultra busty breasts' nipples
  2. UV stretched to boundary, used linear curve zoom toward center, theoretically more details for tip of the nip
  3. Can be wearing with other clothings with no piercing through unlike morphed nipples
  4. Separated Areola and Nipple so that they can be colored and textured differently
  5. Able to use existed Torso Texture by select the texture and set the Tiling to 0.040, OffsetX 0.550 and OffsetY 0.530
  6. Able to work with Custom Breast Morphs. 5 Areolae and 7 Nipples Morphs to tone the detail shapes
  7. Able to arouse by enable sim on Nip Tip. Changing the value of the Collision Power to tone the level
  8. Color Variation and aroused presets provided

Morphs List:
1Areolae BaseSize SmallChange the size of the Areolae base
2Areolae FlattenMake Areolae less perky
3Areolae Puffy NippleOld morph give the areolae and nipple a puffy look
4Areolae Puffy Nipple2New morph give a much more defined puffy look
5Areolae Size SmallReduce the Areolae Size
6Nipples BaseSize ShrinkShrink the lower part of nipples
7Nipples BaseSize Shrink2Variant version of above
8Nipples BaseSize SmallOnly horizontal direction
9Nipples DonutsInverted nipple, looks like a fat donuts
10Nipples Downward ShapeLess perky towards sky
11Nipples Ring SmallReduce size of the Nipples Ring
12Nipples Rounded TipsMake Nipple more rounded
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 13 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Added Male Version

    Added Male Version
  2. Updated with realistic details

    Updated: Update Detailed Normal map Update Detailed Diffuse map Update More presets Able to...

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Excellent detils
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Amazing detailed textures
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Super Merci ;)
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These are awesome! Very beautiful nipples, they inspire me to make better titties, Thank you
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Thank you for your excellent work!But I can't change the nipple length when I change the collision power,is it anything that I do first?
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the best
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Incredible work as usual! Many thanks for the male version!
no problem, have many sexy screenshot or vid
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